Friday, 20 June 2014

FFS Friday - Getting my bearings, ball bearings that is

It's Friday again! I know this because yesterday was bin day and bin day is Thursday. That's the only way I know what day it is. FFS.

My poor Eljay is going through teething hell at the moment. FFS.

All of his teeth have decided to come through at the same time. FFS.

His bottom two teeth both cut through on the same day, quickly followed by the top two, then another top tooth and now he's working on one more top tooth and more bottom ones look like they are on the way. FFS.

The poor little puffin is so out of sorts and wants to be held. All day. FFS.

If I put him down he cries and cries and cries and cries. FFS.

It's making things extremely difficult. FFS.

I am very good at doing most things one handed, but there are some things I just can't do with one hand. FFS.

Usually I'd put him in the carrier but he doesn't want to be in the carrier at the moment, he wants to be in my arms. FFS.

I hope the nasty teeth come through soon so that I can have my happy baby back again. FFS.

Chai is obsessed with shoes. FFS.

I mean totally obsessed. FFS.

Every time we go out he wants me to buy him a new pair of shoes. FFS.

A few weeks ago he had a major tantrum in Big W because I refused to buy him a pair of slouchy, suede, womens high heeled black boots. FFS.

He wears shoes all day from the second he gets up and usually changes his shoes every fifteen minutes or more. FFS.

When he's not changing his shoes he's wearing mine or Tigers. There are shoes scattered all over the house. FFS.

 Last week he announced to Tiger that he needed a pair of Vans. FFS.

"I really, really need them Daddy". FFS.

Childrens Vans cost $60. FFS.

He got a pair. FFS.

They'll probably fit him for a few months if we're lucky. FFS.

I'm flying solo again and as usual there was the usual fly out day drama. FFS.

Have you ever wondered what's inside a maraca? No? Ball bearings. FFS.

Lots of them. FFS.

I hear you asking how I know this. I'll tell you. The afternoon that Tiger flew out, a few hours after he'd left Eljay was playing with a maraca. It's one of his favourite toys. He loves to bash it on the floor and anything else near him. FFS.

He was bashing it on the floor when I heard things hitting the floor and the window. FFS.

The maraca had broken open and there were ball bearings everywhere. FFS.

Took me 15 minutes to pick them all up. FFS.

Whilst I was picking them up Eljay crawled around after me crying. FFS.

Fun times. FFS.

That concludes my whinges for the week. If you'd like to have a good whinge, feel free to do so in the comments and I'll commiserate with you.

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Dear Baby G


  1. oh dear this is just what I needed. Nervous breakdanced (brokedance?) my way through yesterday with my teething 2 1/2 year old. They must be nearly through, we keep telling ourselves. V funny, thanks :)

    1. Ah teething is awful isn't it? I hope they come through soon and you get a break xx


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