Friday, 13 June 2014

FFS Friday - Frozen

Hello and welcome to another installation of FFS Friday. If you are new here, FFS Friday is where I get my weekly whinge on.
You've probably read the title and think I'm talking about the movie Frozen. I'm not. I haven't seen the movie or heard the song from it that everyone is sick of. 

Despite appearances to the contrary, I am an introvert. I love being alone and crave quiet time to myself. Now that I'm a mother with a FIFO husband, that rarely happens. I miss it. I need it. This time I was determined to get some alone time whilst Tiger was home. We'd planned it for Friday but it didn't happen. It didn't happen Saturday or Sunday either. Monday I was all ready to get out of the house on my own. I'd put Eljay down for his sleep and was just about to leave when Chai decided he wanted to come with me. FFS.

He couldn't be persuaded not to come with me. FFS.

I gave in and took him because we rarely get time alone together now and I though it'd be nice for us to spend a little bit of time together. I had quite a lot of running around to do so explained to Chai everything that we had to do and he was quite happy. Not FFS.

The cheeky little man had things planned down to a tee. FFS.

We got into town and he wanted to go to Subway, I refused. Then he wanted an ice cream, I refused that too (it was 16 degrees!) Then he wanted sushi. Then a dinosaur. Then a banana drink. Then a quiche and so on. FFS.

We were in Target, halfway through collecting everything we needed when he announced that he needed to do a poo. FFS.

And he was busting. FFS.

Thankfully the lady at the door looked after our shopping whilst I took Chai to the toilet. Not FFS.

When we got back and continued our shopping, Chai decided that he wanted to go home to see Daddy. FFS.

I still had to go to the supermarket so explained that to Chai, but he had his mind made up and wanted to go home. FFS.

For the rest of the time we were out all I heard was "I want to go home Mummy. I've had enough now, I want to go home and see Daddy". FFS.

Knew I should have left him at home. FFS.

Being an extrovert, I don't think Tiger fully understands my need to be alone. He craves company, I crave silence. FFS.

I have not had silence. FFS.

The PILs came down on Wednesday. FFS.

I hid in my walk in wardrobe. Not FFS.

My BFF came and joined me. If only we'd had alcohol it would have been perfect. Not FFS.

I'm going to put a bar fridge in the wardrobe. Not FFS. 

The MIL does.not.shut.up. FFS.

It drives me fecking crazy. FFS.

I feel like chopping my ears off so I don't have to listen to her talking. FFS.

Instead I put ear muffs on to muffle the sound. FFS.

I'm not joking. FFS. 

They leave today. Not FFS.

Wednesday we got a plumber over to replace a gas fitting that was leaking. It wasn't leaking. FFS.

Turns out that we had 2 leaks, one in the wall, meaning he had to drill a hole in the wall to fix it and one in the roof. FFS.

It took several hours and a lot of investigation to discover where the leaks were. FFS.

Our roof was filled with gas. FFS.

At least it would have killed all the creepy crawlies up there. Not FFS.

Yesterday morning I forgot the plumber was coming so greeted him at the door in my dressing gown. I'm so classy. FFS.

The plumber is coming back today (for the third day in a row) to finish the job. FFS.

We're all BFFs now. FFS.

Because he had to replaster the hole he made in the wall yesterday he couldn't fit the gas faucet, meaning we have been left with no heating. FFS.

It's currently 2 degrees here. FFS. 

That concludes my whinges for this week. If you've had any FFS worthy moments please share them in the comments so I can laugh at your misfortune as you have laughed at mine ;)

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If you don't hear from me next week it's cause I've frozen.  
Dear Baby G

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