Monday, 23 June 2014

Favourite Hand Creams

Hand cream is one of those products that I've always been lazy with, which is not a good thing considering that the hands and neck are the first areas to show signs of aging. Luckily for me, I always wipe my left over facial skin care on the back of my hands and I'm sure that's why my hands are in pretty good condition.

Having said that, over the last twelve months my hands have been really dry, so I've been making the effort to use hand cream every day. Finding a good hand cream is surprisingly tricky, but lucky for you all I've done the hard work for you. To make things even easier I've broken my list up into when/where each hand cream is best for, I'm so good to you all. 
For the kitchen - Aurora Spa Rituals Rose and Shea Hand and Cuticle Cream. 
As you can probably tell by the photo, this hand cream is huge! It's 150ml and has lasted me for ages. I've been using it every day for six months and it's at least half full still. This has a gorgeous rose scent, absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling soft. Once the cream has absorbed it doesn't leave any greasy residue, which is why it's the perfect daytime hand cream. 

For the handbag - Kosmea Rose Hand Cream.
This is a lovely new addition to the Kosmea range. As with all Kosmea products, it contains rosehip oil which is a lovely, light hydrator. Add to that shea butter, jojoba extract and carrot extract and you have the perfect handbag hand cream. Rose Hand Cream smells beautiful, absorbs within minutes and leaves my hands smelling like roses. 

The overnight/dish washing treatment - Lanolips Rose Balm Intense.
When you have super dry, sandpaper hands, this is the hand cream you need. As the name suggests, this is a deeply hydrating product, nearly ointment like in it's consistency. It's not one that I'd recommend using during the day (unless you don't need to use your hands for a while), but as an intense treatment it's perfect. Over winter when my hands are really dry I'll use this twice a week and that's all it takes to keep sandpaper hands at bay. It also works really well as a foot treatment. 

For the car - Tokyo Milk Dark Tainted Love.
This is the only hand cream on my list that isn't rose scented. After smelling it I now have the Tainted Love perfume on my wishlist, it's such a beautiful scent. The notes are dark vanilla bean, orchid, white tea and sandalwood. I'm certainly not a scent connoisseur, to me it smells like a beautiful vanilla mix. I like to use this when I'm in the car because it's non greasy, so I can put it on then drive without my hands slipping all over the steering wheel. An added bonus is that I get to smell the lovely fragrance whilst I'm driving.  

Note - The Kosmea and Tokyo Milk hand creams were provided for review.

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