Monday, 2 June 2014

Dear Eljay

My precious son. Today you are ten months old. You are a beautiful, happy little explorer. You spend your day exploring the house, examining everything you can get your hands on. When we go outside you love watching the ants, playing with the grass and eating everything you can get your hands on. 

You have another tooth now, your top right hand front tooth came through and the left one isn't far off. It's given us a few sleepless nights but you've still been a happy little bub. 

Like your brother, you love food. Actually, you love it more than your brother. If someone is eating, you need to be eating too and you get really, really upset if you aren't given any food, there are tears, real tears. 

I can see that you are a determined little poppet, you know what you want and aren't happy if you can't have it. At the moment you don't have any favourite toys, however you love books (mainly to chew on). I try to read to you every day, however it's rather difficult as you pounce on the book and start eating it. 

This month you saw stairs for the first time and promptly climbed up them then stood at the top screaming with delight.

You can say Mum, Dad and Nan. Daddy hasn't heard you say Dad yet as you started saying it whilst he was away, he's going to be so excited when he gets home and hears you say Dad. 

My beautiful ray of sunshine, you are my everything. I'm so grateful you chose me as your mother. 

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