Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Current skincare routine

I've never done a skincare routine post, mainly because I change my skincare constantly. At the moment I'm using some products that really work for me, hence my first skincare routine post. 

ECO. C serum - I've wanted to add a Vitamin C product in to my routine for ages now, so when I got the chance to trial the ECO. C serum I was really excited. It's been around a month now and I'm already seeing the changes in my skin, it's glowing.When I first started using this I was expecting some irritation as my skin can be a little sensitive, but to my great delight I haven't had any tingling or irritation. I use this every morning under my moisturiser and sunscreen.

Subtle Energies Facial Blend - This smells amazing! Really, truly amazing! It's one of the nicest scents I've ever smelled. I wish they made it in a perfume! Subtle Energies describe the scent as Sweet floral aroma with woody tones. Calming and nurturing to the senses and the heart chakra. That description is spot on. I would use this serum for the scent alone, it's beautiful and soothing. I use the Facial Blend at the end of the day as it's a beautiful way to end my day. I put a few drops on my hands, rub my hands together to warm to oil, put my hands over my face and breathe in the beautiful scent for a few seconds before applying the oil to my face. It's blissful.
Subtle Energies say that this can be used as a moisturiser and for someone with oily skin it would probably be enough, however I apply a moisturiser over the top as my skin is super dry at the moment.

Subtle Energies Mogra and Indian Rose Gold Cream - This nearly smells as good as the Facial Blend. The scents are very, very similar however the Rose Gold Cream scent is slightly subtler. Funnily enough Subtle Energies describe the scent as subtle sweet floral and woody aroma. I'm using this as my day and night moisturiser at the moment. Originally I was just using it as my day cream however it compliments the scent of the Facial Blend so well that I started using it at night too. 
This cream is very, very rich and hydrating, just what my skin needs at the moment. If you have dry skin that gets irritated and needs intense hydration, this is the moisturiser for you. 

Dr Lewinns Sensitive Cleansing Milk - This is my morning cleanser and it's really nice. As the name suggest it's a super gentle cream type cleanser that doesn't make my face feel dry or tight after I use it.

Alpha-H Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream - I'm using this on the fine lines around my mouth and it's really making a difference. I can only see the lines when I pucker my lips, but they aren't as deep as they were before which I'm really pleased about.

MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method - I've tried other oil cleansers but I always come back to MooGoo, it's my favourite for several reasons. It's reasonably priced, smells great, easily removes all my make-up and doesn't leave a greasy film on my skin or eyes. 

NAT. Face Ageblock Eye Cream and Eye Gel - These are my hero products! I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately due to Eljay teething, however thanks to these two products I still look fresh and rested. I use the gel in the morning as it's light and absorbs quickly and the cream at night for a more intense hit of hydration.

Note - The Subtle Energies Facial Blend, ECO. C Serum, Alpha-H Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream and NAT. Face Ageblock Eye Cream and Eye Gel were provided for review. All other products I purchased myself.  

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