Monday, 31 March 2014

Thoughts of the month

1. At the end of last month I had a light bulb moment. Tiger was away and I was at the shops with the boys. We walked past Subway and Chai asked if we could go in. I automatically said no because we'd already eaten and I rarely buy take-away food. Chai was accepting of it and said "Only Daddy takes me to Subway". It made me realise that now he's getting older I can start doing things like that with him. 

The next day we went out to Subway for lunch and had a great time. Normally when we go to a cafe he's an absolute nightmare, running around, getting into mischief and being a three year old. At Subway he was really good. He sat down, ate his food and the few times he did get up and run around it was okay because the shop was really busy and the other people there all had kids. 
We spent about $13 so it was a very cheap meal and something we'll do again.
It got me thinking about other things that I could do with Chai now that he's older. 
Any suggestions?

2. What on earth is with the crappy customer service here? I get so frustrated by it! All I want to do is spend my money and they make it so difficult! This time my complaint is with Blistex (Key Pharmaceuticals). Blistex have a new, limited edition Tangy Mango Tango lip balm that's out and I want to to know where I can buy it. Do you think Blistex will respond to my email? No! It's so frustrating! If they were clever they'd reply to me and help me buy their products. They should take a leaf out of Swisse's books.

I emailed Swisse on a Sunday to ask if their Vitality powder was okay for me to take whilst I'm breastfeeding. They replied the next day (Monday) and apologised for not getting back to me sooner. They told me that it's fine for me to take the Vitality supplement and also suggested another few products I could take. As a result of that, instead of me just buying the one product I'd been considering, I bought two products and they made more money. That's what happens when you get good customer service!

3. If you like Hart of Dixie, you'll be thrilled to know that the head make-up artist, Joni Powell is on Instagram! She posts a lot of the looks that they do on the show, with the make-up breakdown and is really friendly. She answers any questions asked which I think is awesome.  

4. I'm getting really sick of people telling me how lucky we are that Tiger has equal swings. Yes, I know that he only works for 6 months of the year, but what people fail to realise is the physical and emotional toll that him being away takes on all of us. He does 168 hours when he's away so by the time he gets home he's totally exhausted. And I'm with the kids 24/7 so by the time he gets home I'm totally exhausted too. It's not easy or fun.

5. Zoe Foster is launching a skin care line called Go-To skin care. It launches on 1 April. Can't wait. 

6. My heart breaks for all those affected by the Malaysian plane crash. There is one man with children that are the same age as mine, I can't even imagine how his wife is coping. I heard that there were 1,000 people directly affected by the crash which is mind boggling. I hope that they are all getting the support they need.

7. I've been trying to think of a new career for myself so that I can start studying however I'm coming up blank. Ideally I'd like something that I can do from home and be pretty self managed. Ideas gratefully accepted.

8. Zucchini fritters are awesome.

9. Revlon Matte and Lacquer balms are finally here. I'm tempted but I haven't bought any yet. I wonder if they'll live up to the hype.

10. That's all I have to say for this month.

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