Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Latest Purchases and Beauty Diet Update

I've made my first purchases for the year! Behold my pretties!

I got the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in Ethereal Glow and a YSL Gloss Volupte in Fuchsia Oran. I'll review them soon but suffice to say I love them both.

Finishing products is going really, really slowly. The Use it or Lose it (UIOLI) products are easy to go through though, I'm being really ruthless so most of them have been losers. I have been a bit slack the last week and haven't used anything from the UIOLI pile, I need to get back onto that!

After discussing with Vita and Norlin, I'm including BB creams in my tally, which is great because I use them every day instead of foundation. It also means that I have another empty to add to my tally. Here's what I've used up so far:

These are the Use it or Lose it products that didn't make the cut.

Here's my tally:

Finished - 7
Culled - 23
Purchased - 2
Number of products I'm allowed to buy - 8

I'm counting my culled products as 5 out 1 in. I did consider making it 2 out 1 in but that would really have defeated the purpose because it would have meant I could have bought 11 products after the cull.

Even though I can buy more products if I want to, I don't have any more purchases planned at the moment. I do want to get another Ambient Lighting blush however the colour I want isn't in stock on the Mecca Website and I'd rather wait to purchase it in store next time I'm in the city. 

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