Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Thoughts of the month

Natalie, Jessica and Kimberley all do thoughts of the week posts, which I love to read, however I don't have that many thoughts so I'll be doing thoughts of the month.

1. Oval lip balms tubes are much more convenient than round ones. They fit easily in a back pocket and don't roll away when you put them down.

2. Am I the only one who worries their way through their whole pregnancy? I am not usually a worrier however pregnancy turns me into a big ball of worry. It's not fun.

3. I am really looking forward to getting a life once I've set our house up. Tiger and I have only been out on our own three times since Chai was born. I've been out on my own about four times. Once I've set the house up and we are settled in we are going to take turns with my brother and sister in law babysitting so when the boys are home we can both have two dates. I'm also planning on doing things with my girl friends when Tiger is home.

4. This month I purchased two pairs of ballet flats. The ones I was wearing were extremely worn out but we hadn't had any spare cash for me to buy new ones. Now that we will soon be mortgage free we have some spare money so I got new shoes. Both pairs were on sale. One of the pairs is show above. They are so comfortable I felt like I have slippers on when I'm wearing them. The two pairs that I threw out were purchased in 2007, so they did pretty well.

5. It irritates me greatly when I read/hear people complaining that FIFO workers are ruining towns. Really? Well let me tell you something. I would love to live where Tiger works and have him come home every night, but that option wasn't offered to him and the cost of living where he works is so expensive that we couldn't afford to live there anyhow. So instead of complaining about how FIFO workers are ruining communities how about doing something to make living in those towns affordable so that families can move there. 

6. Whilst packing up the home we've lived in for the last 6 years isn't much fun, throwing stuff out is a lot of fun.

7. Being mortgage free for a little while is going to be wonderful. 

8. Dido has a new CD out. It sounds just like her other albums. This is a good thing.  

9. I've been really enjoying stewed plums and nectarines with greek yoghurt lately. I eat it for desert most days. Chai loves it too.

10. Years ago I did a meditation course called Transforming DNA Memory in Theta and Delta. I've been think of writing about it. Would anyone be interested?

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