Friday, 26 April 2013

FFS Friday - An Epically Epic Whinge

I'm back! I've been offline for nearly two weeks now, so prepare for an epic whinge. I commend any of you who actually make it to the end of this one, it's going to be very long.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that we moved towns two weeks ago. That in itself is a huge FFS.

Of course no move goes to plan and ours was no exception. FFS.

Prior to us moving Tigers car broke down. It appeared that there was something wrong with the radiator. FFS.

A friend had been using it and as the vehicle wasn't drivable he left it at someone's house. Whilst it was there all four tires got slashed. FFS.

Naturally Tiger can't have normal tyres on his car, he has 19 inch, $450 each tyres. FFS.

So not only were we arranging the move, we were organising to get his car and tyres fixed. FFS.

We somehow managed to make it to moving time. Tiger got home on Tuesday night so we spent Wednesday packing. Thursday he decided that we needed a new bed and tv before we moved. FFS.

So instead of packing on Thursday we spent hours running around looking for a new bed and tv. FFS.

Friday morning I was out of there. The truck was scheduled to arrive that afternoon and there is no way I wanted to be home when the moving started. Plus, I had to be at the estate agency at 12pm to pick up the keys to our new place. Not sure if that's a FFS or not. 

I got to the estate agency, signed the lease whilst Chai tore the office apart and then went to the house. I had bought all our cold and frozen food with me as there is a fridge already in the house. I couldn't get the fridge working. FFS.

Feeling like a fool I had to call the estate agency and find out how to turn the fridge on. FFS.

A few hours later Dad turned up with a few of our things on the back of the trailer. He was supposed to bring all the kitchen stuff so that I could unpack it, and any of Chai's things that he could fit. Instead he bought the dining table, chairs and one lounge suite. FFS.

They hadn't bothered to put a tarp over the furniture and it had rained the whole way down, so my lovely wooden table, chairs and leather lounge suite were soaked. FFS.

They also hadn't bothered to pad anything so my dining table and chairs got damaged. FFS.

That afternoon I went to my brother and sister in law's house and did nothing for the first time in weeks. Not FFS.

Meanwhile, at our old house Tiger and my brother were packing up the truck. When they'd finished for the evening they discovered that the truck battery had gone flat. FFS.

It's a new work vehicle of my brother's and it comes with roadside assistance so he called them to come out and charge the battery. They told him it would cost a minimum of $650 for them to come out. FFS.

There was hell to pay at my brother's work on Monday. Especially since they bought the truck from a company that he hadn't wanted to use. Bet that won't happen again. Not FFS.

They managed to get a friend to come over and charge the battery, for free. Not FFS.

Saturday morning, due to us having a new king sized bed I had to go out and buy new bed linen. I should have done it in Perth but ran out of time. Buying bed linen in the country means my only option was Target or Spotlight. FFS.

Happily, Target had a sale on. Not FFS.

Unfortunately nearly all the king sized products were out of stock. FFS.

I managed to find us one quilt, one quilt cover and one sheet set. All Egyptian cotton and surprisingly great quality. Not FFS.

Even better, everything was 40 or 50% off. Bonus!

As I was struggling to the cash register with Chai screaming in the trolley and trying to throw everything out, me holding onto the doona with one hand whilst trying to steer the trolley, my phone rang. FFS.

It was Tiger telling me that the bank had taken out a mortgage payment when they weren't supposed to so we had no money in our account. FFS.

There I was in the middle of Target with a screaming child, over $300 worth of linen in my trolley that I had to buy so that we would have a bed to sleep on that night and no way to pay for it. FFS.

Tiger suggested I transfer money from our savings account into our regular account but I had no way of doing that. FFS.

Thankfully I am a woman of independent wealth (I WISH!!!!) so used the money in my personal savings account to pay for everything. FFS/Not FFS.

That afternoon I headed back to our new home to discover that the garage door wasn't working. Naturally the estate agency wasn't available until Monday. FFS.

The truck arrived that afternoon, we got everything unloaded, the beds set up so that we had somewhere to sleep, the bathroom stuff out and then went to have a shower. It was then we discovered that the hot water wasn't working. FFS.

And we couldn't get hold of the estate agency till Monday. FFS.

The water took five minutes to get warm and then only stayed warm for about 40 seconds. FFS.

Just what we needed after moving and unpacking. FFS.

Despite the best efforts of the boys, most of our furniture arrived unscathed. Naturally the only things that were damaged were the items that I most value. FFS

My dining room table and chairs and my tall boy. FFS.

I'll be able to disguise the damage to my table and chairs but the tall boy can't be fixed. The damage is right at the front and as it's got some sort of veneer on it I can't repaint. FFS.

I bought that bedroom suite for my 30th. In a way it's kind of fitting as I'm saying goodbye to my 30's in a few months. 

A few weeks ago my Pop died. He was 102. The family had previously decided to wait till things settled down and then have a wake. Not FFS.

After he died they changed their minds. The wake was held on the Saturday that we moved, so I couldn't go. FFS.

Of all things to miss, my Pop's wake was the last thing I wanted to miss. FFS.

It was my change to pay my respects to a man who lived an amazing life, plus there were so many of my family and childhood friends there, some of whom I haven't seen for over 15 years. Everyone was there other than me. FFS.

I did contemplate going, but after driving down south on the Friday, driving up and back, with Chai and being 5 1/2 months pregnant, on the Saturday was more than I could deal with. FFS.

After we moved in it quickly became apparent that the house required some Chai proofing. The sneaky little munchkin is into everything at the moment. FFS.

We headed to Bunnings on Sunday to get some more child locks. I'd gotten some on the Saturday morning but we needed more. Saturday they'd had a whole rack of the locks we needed, Sunday they had none. FFS.

We made the mistake of asking at the information desk if they had any more of the locks. Half an hour later they'd established that although their computer system said they had 11 packs, they couldn't find them. FFS.

Later that day we discovered that the dishwasher didn't work properly. FFS.

It wasn't washing the dishes and the dishwasher tablet wasn't even dissolving. FFS.

I was starting to worry that the house was going to fall down around us. Thankfully the dishwasher just needed to be cleaned. Not FFS.

First thing Monday morning we called the estate agency to have the garage door and hot water system fixed. I'm sure she was secretly thinking that we'd broken them both. FFS.

A guy arrived to fix the garage door on Monday morning, it took five minutes. FFS.

Turns out the garage door would have been malfunctioning since the owners were living in the house and they just didn't bother getting it fixed. FFS.

The plumber didn't arrive to fix the hot water system until Tuesday. Typical. FFS.

Again, it only took about ten minutes. The problem was due to the water saving shower heads that had been installed when the house was built. According to the plumber there would have been issues right from the start. FFS.

Another thing the owner should have fixed when they were living here!! FFS.

I don't understand why the previous tenant didn't say anything about either of these issues. FFS.

Due to the design of this house and the door handles used there are several things that we can't lock Chai out of. Unfortunately those things are our walk in wardrobe, the pantry, the kitchen drawers and every room in the house. FFS.

Thanks to his current obsession with bumpfts (aka knives), I now store all my knives in the cupboard above the microwave. FFS.
  Monday Tiger had to go back up to Perth to sort out his car repairs and let cleaners into our old house. FFS.

The poor guy was exhausted and the last thing he needed was to drive up and back, but he had no choice. There were also a few things that he still had to collect from the house. FFS.

Tuesday the purchaser did his final inspection of the house prior to settlement. We weren't envisioning any issues as we'd kept the house in good condition, most of it had been repainted and we'd had cleaners in. That evening we got a phone call from the estate agent telling us that one light wasn't working, the oven door was falling off, the holes in the wall where the tv's had been mounted needed to be painted over and they couldn't get the hot water system working. FFS.

Tiger nearly exploded. FFS.

I really didn't blame him! We were both exhausted, the oven had been fine a few days ago, the gas had been switched off so of course the hot water wasn't working and the other things seemed so petty. FFS.

We got an electrician to fix the light for us and then on Thursday we all headed up to Perth to get the house sorted out. It worked out okay because Tiger had to pick his car up (I won't even bother complaining about how much that stupid thing cost us, let's just say it was a lot!) FFS.

Tiger went to the house whilst I did some shopping with Chai. We'd discovered that we can't buy the brand of milk he uses here, so I bought as much of it as I could find. I'm hoping I can find it locally cause I don't want to have to make a trip to Perth every time he runs out of milk. FFS.

When we got to the shopping centre I was busting for the loo so headed straight for the toilet. Normally when I'm on the toilet Chai wants to sit on my lap but not this time. FFS.

This time he wanted to put his hands in the child toilet, flush my toilet, put his hands down the back of my toilet, turn on the tap in the basin and splash water everywhere, empty the contents of the bin onto the floor and dance around in the rubbish and then as a grand finale, open the door and run out. FFS.

As he was trying to unlock the door, I made a mad grab at him. In the process I got wee all over my skirt. FFS.

No worries, I was at a shopping centre so could just buy another skirt. No, not that easy. FFS.

I checked Target and Kmart and neither of them had maternity skirts or even any stretchy waist skirts. FFS.

They had pants but I was way too hot to wear pants. The only other option was bright pink shorts but I'd rather walk around in wee soaked clothes than wear bright pink shorts. So that's what I did. FFS.

I went to the house to meet Tiger, walked around the empty house and noticed that the cleaners had done a really crappy job of cleaning. In fact it didn't look like they'd cleaned anything! FFS.

By that point I really didn't care. FFS.

The oven door was fine, it just hadn't been closed properly. FFS.

We had lunch, packed Chai into the car then he and I headed for home. Tiger stayed at the house to finish the painting. He'd finished up and was leaving the house when he spilled half a tin of paint all over the floor. FFS.

Thankfully it only went on the tiles so was relatively easy to clean up. FFS.

That night when we got home Chai spewed all over our doona, down the side of our brand new bed and onto the carpet. FFS.

Normally that wouldn't be a problem as I have several doona's and lots of linen, for a queen sized bed. I only had 1 doona, 1 set of sheets and 1 quilt cover for a king sized bed. FFS.

So into town we trecked. Our only option was Spotlight, were we managed to find a pretty decent doona cover. Not FFS.

Thankfully the doona I'd bought was a double layered one so I just removed the spew layer and we were good to go. Not FFS.

Friday was spent unpacking and sorting out the house. We had extra work to do thanks to Tigers parents coming to stay for the weekend. I kid you not. FFS.

They arrived Friday afternoon and didn't leave until Sunday. FFS.

I was so not in a place where I could cope with them and their crap. The last thing I needed was two more people to cook and clean for. FFS.

As usual they were extremely annoying, however I did my best to avoid them so spent lots of time unpacking the bedroom and making sure I wasn't in the same room as them. FFS.

At one point MIL asked me if some friends from Perth had seen our new place, to which I replied "No, of course they haven't, we've only just moved in, we are still unpacking and we don't want people here!" No doubt that went straight over her head. FFS.

Normally when they visit the PILs bring all sorts of toys for Chai. We have asked MIL over and over again not to bring anything as we couldn't fit any more at our old house however she ignored us and constantly bought him things. FFS.

Now that we finally have the room to fit lots of new toys for Chai, she bought one little toy. FFS.

Sunday lunchtime after we'd finally got rid of the PIL's Mum called and wanted to visit. FFS.

I told her that we'd had the PILs here all weekend, were still unpacking and were exhausted so it'd be better if she visited the next weekend. So she decided to visit my brother first and then visit us. FFS.

When it rains it pours. FFS.

A week prior to the move I'd arrange all the utilities including phone line and internet. Clever me. 

I got a call from Westnet telling me that Telstra weren't sure the line at the house had been installed correctly so they needed to check it prior to my phone and internet being connected. FFS.

The earliest they could come around was the Tuesday after we moved in. FFS.

The guy came out and the line was fine. Two days later our home phone was connected. I mistakenly assumed that the internet would be connected at the same time. It wasn't. FFS.

A week without internet I can handle, but not much longer. I called Westnet who told me it'd probably be another week! FFS.

How is a blogger supposed to survive without the internet for two weeks? FFS.

As if that wasn't bad enough my phone decided to pack it in. FFS.

Monday morning we headed to the Telstra shop to have my phone sent for repairs (it's still under warranty). I was there for about 45 minutes. FFS.

They gave me a loan phone to use whilst mine is being fixed. Not FFS.

It was the biggest piece of crap I've ever used. Considering how long I've been using mobile phones that shows how bad it was! I couldn't even answer a phone call with it. FFS.

Tuesday morning Tiger went to the Telstra shop and bought me a prepaid phone to use for the next few weeks until I get my phone back. They had put all my contacts onto the loan phone instead of the sim card and they said that I just had to put the sim card into the new phone then take the loan phone back and they would transfer my contacts over. That afternoon I took the phone in, waited in line for 10 minutes only to be told that there were no contacts on my sim or on the loan phone. FFS.

So all my contacts were gone. FFS.

I asked if they could get the contacts off my original sim card and put them onto the new one but apparently they didn't have the right machine. Funnily enough they'd used that machine to transfer my contacts the day before. FFS.

As the prepaid phone I'd got was a Samsung the guy told me that I'd be able to restore all my contacts to the phone. Not FFS.

I got home, plugged my phone into the computer and it wasn't recognised by the Samsung program that I needed to use. FFS.

Samsung Kies is the worse mobile phone program I've ever used, even worse than the Nokia one. It's so unreliable and rarely works properly. FFS.

After much swearing and cursing the stupid program finally decided to work and I managed to load all my contacts onto the phone. Not FFS.

I then decided it'd be a good idea to back up that phone, but lo and behold, the stupid Kies program won't recognise my phone again. FFS.

This also means that I lost all my FFS Friday notes so had to try to remember everything and write it all down, so as not to deprive you all of your Friday amusement ;)

Since we got here I've had all sorts of lovely packages arrive, however I still haven't found my camera so I have beautiful products sitting unused waiting for me to photograph them before I can use them. That's a beauty bloggers definition of torture. FFS.

Our internet finally got connected late Wednesday evening. It was a wonderful moment. Not FFS.

Of course I couldn't get my phone to connect to the net. FFS.

Took me an hour to finally get it to work. FFS. 

Can't wait till I get my phone back!

I was unable to get our Fetch TV working, no matter what I did it wouldn't work, so Thursday morning I called Westnet. I was on the phone for 1 hour, 13 minutes and 14 seconds. FFS.

Seeing that I was on the phone so not easily able to stop him, Chai went into destruction mode. He started throwing all his toys as hard as he could onto the ground until I made him go outside. FFS.

When I let him back inside he decided to throw his toys as hard as he could at the wall. FFS.

The rampage continued until I threatened to shut him in his room. How I am going to cope with two is beyond my comprehension. FFS.

As unbelievable as it may seem, I still haven't covered everything, however I'll save the rest of my whining for next week's FFS Friday post. 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. Remember to head over to Sarah's blog to see what everyone else has been whinging about. 

Dear Baby G

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