Friday, 12 April 2013

FFS Friday - The Crazy Edition

Last Friday I had a total meltdown. FFS.

It's around this time in pregnancy that I get extremely hormonal. Not normally being an overly emotional person, I don't particularly enjoy crying at the drop of a hat. FFS.

I mentioned last week about all the information the bank wanted regarding my financial position before they would do the settlement. Fun. FFS.

I got everything together and went into the bank to ask a few questions and lodge the paperwork. I go to a specific branch because the guy there is brilliant. He wasn't there only his not so brilliant colleague was. FFS.

She took one look at the forms, told me she'd never seen one of those forms, wasn't aware of the bank sending that form out and didn't know why they would send it out. FFS.

She told me she couldn't help me and I wouldn't be able to get help at a branch as they don't deal with things like that, it's only one specialised department who deal with those matters. FFS.

At that I nearly started crying. I was trying to hold it together so that the whole shopping centre didn't see me in tears. FFS.

She then proceeded to read through the letter and try to explain it all to me. FFS.

I'd already read and understood the letter so didn't need her to explain anything, so I quickly thanked her for her help and got the hell out of there. FFS.

I came home and was sitting on my bed filling out the forms and trying to decide what to do when Tiger rang up. Instead of being helpful and supportive he started carrying on about what I needed to do and telling me if I couldn't handle it he'd get on the next plane home. FFS.

It was at this point I totally lost it and told him that I knew what I needed to do and what I needed from him was love and support not for him to make me feel worse. FFS.

He lifted his game after that. FFS.

I was wondering how I was going to get all the information to the bank considering my printer/scanner/fax machine had crapped itself, so contemplating going out to buy a new printer. FFS.

I managed to pull myself together, rang the bank to see if I could email them the information, only to be told that they no longer needed it as they had spoken to Tiger two weeks ago! FFS.

By that time I was in such a state I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both simultaneously. FFS.

Thank goodness my Mum was here so she took Chai out and gave me some time to calm down. Not FFS.

Once Mum had taken Chai out, I did the only sensible thing, made myself a hot chocolate and did some online shopping. Totally broke my P100P when I was nearly finished, but I don't care. FFS/Not FFS.

Further discussion with Tiger revealed that the bank had told him they only sent the forms out to him so he had no idea the forms sent to me where the same thing. FFS.

Why they would send the same forms out to both of us is beyond me. 

Tuesday afternoon Tiger came home. Not FFS.

Within a few minutes of us being home I was counting down until he went away again. FFS.

He walked into the house and started carrying on about the hole in the back lawn. Again. FFS.

He continued on about it Wednesday morning. He was trying to tell me that due to the hole in the lawn the sale of the house would fall through. FFS.

The house is already sold and home sales do not fall through just because of a small hole in the back lawn! FFS.

He even lectured me about supervising Chai properly! FFS.

I told him that I'd like to see him looking after Chai and packing up a whole house on his own! FFS.

That afternoon Tiger decided to get his parents to come and stay for the evening. FFS.

I just couldn't deal with them so went to the bedroom as soon as they arrived and stayed there. Not FFS.

MIL was doing her usual emotional blackmail trick and saying how much she'll miss us when we move. We will only be an hour and a half further south than we are now! FFS.

That evening Tiger was putting Chai to bed when I hear MIL loudly whispering his name at Chai's bedroom door. FFS.

I told her to never interrupt when Chai was being put to bed. Turns out she wanted the tv on. I kid you not. FFS.

Even worse, it looks like they will be coming down with us when we move, to 'help out'. FFS.

I've told Tiger that they will just make more work for me but he can't see it. FFS.

Considering FIL doesn't even put his dirty dishes in the kitchen and MIL drives me crazy, I don't see how they are going to help. FFS.

It also means that instead of just looking after the three of us I'll have to arrange food and somewhere to sleep for them too. FFS.

I cannot wait until this move is over and done with. If you don't hear from me next week it's because they've driven me crazy and I'm in a mental hospital!

Dear Baby G


  1. Poor you :( pregnancy hormones can be really bad. You totally deserved online shopping!! My husband is always carrying on at me about nothing too and i tell him to stop whining like a girl. I hope your week improves a little at least xx

  2. I hope your move all goes well Anissa xx


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