Friday, 22 February 2013

FFS Friday - Jumping Through Hoops

Friday I became a Bunnings Widow. FFS.

We went to Bunnings for some handles, child locks and a gate. An hour later we were still there. FFS. 

Chai was very restless so I was waiting out the front for Tiger. FFS.

He finally emerged, without the handles and child locks that we'd selected. FFS.

When I asked him where they were he said he thought I had them. FFS.

Why he thought that when I'd told him that I was going to take Chai outside and left the trolley with him I have no idea. FFS.

He went back for the trolley but it had been removed and all our things put back, so it took another ten minutes to collect everything again. FFS. 

Next time I'll send him to Bunnings with Chai and I'll stay home. Not FFS.

We finally managed to find the Target loading dock to pick up our portacot. Not FFS.

It took them 10 minutes to come out and when they did they said that the piece of paper we'd been given wasn't the right one and we needed a receipt. FFS.

We explained to them that we didn't get a receipt as we purchased the cot online. FFS.

Twenty minutes later it was all sorted out and we got our cot. FFS.

Don't think I'll be buying anything online from Target again. FFS.

Dang, I forgot about the baby capsule that I've got on layby online. FFS.

Friday the PILs came down to give me some FFS Friday fodder. FFS.

MIL was her usual annoying self. FFS.

She decided to empty the bin for us. Not FFS.

Without replacing the bin bag she then started putting rubbish into the bin. FFS.

I pointed out to her that it needed a bin bag, to which she replied "but it's only plastic". FFS.

I told her that whatever it was the bin needs a bin bag in it before we can put rubbish in there. FFS.

She ignored me, continued to put rubbish in there and then put a small plastic bag in as a bin bag. FFS.

I then had to remove the plastic bag and the rubbish before putting the bin bag in. FFS. 

In order to use my computer in peace I have been forced to lock myself in the bedroom, sit on the floor and use the bed as my desk. FFS.

If I don't do this, Chai crawls all over me and presses all the buttons. FFS.

I long for the day when we have an office that I can shut myself in. FFS.

Any jobs that Tiger wants to apply for usually have to be done online. FFS.

As he can't type, I do them. FFS.

There are not enough swear words in any language to describe how infuriating applying for construction jobs is. FFS.

They want the same information over and over again, even though it's all contained in his resume. FFS.

One particular job he applied for about three months ago and has been jumping through hoops for them ever since. FFS.

I did the original application, uploaded his resume, gave details and copies of all his qualifications, listed his work history for the last five years etc. FFS.

He then had to do an online test. He did that and passed then they wanted him to do an online interview. The interview wouldn't load on our computer so they passed him to the next level. Then they wanted him to do another online interview. FFS.

He couldn't do it because he was away, so they called him and he did the interview over the phone. Naturally they called when we were at a cafe so I was left to deal with a wriggling, bored child for twenty minutes. FFS.

After the phone interview they wanted him to fill in another online application and it had to be done in the next 48 hours. FFS.

It was identical to the information that I'd provided in his resume and the original application. FFS.

Clearly these people are incapable of reading. FFS.

I've done that, now they want him to go in for a face to face interview. FFS.

Are these people serious? It's only a job. It's not a high security job, it's just a construction job, why is it such a drama? FFS.

The worst bit is that he's not even intending to take the job as he's happy where he is! FFS.

But it's a good job that he needs to be on the list for, hence we will keep on jumping through hoops. As you do. FFS.

Having Tiger at home for the last week and a half has been both lovely and irritating. FFS.

When he was working locally and only home for a day and a half every week his irritating habits were easy to overlook. When I have to deal with them every day it's not so easy. FFS.

In the interest of keeping things brief, I'll just share one with you. Tiger is one of the messiest people I've ever known. FFS.

He leaves a trail of clothes, shoes, plastic bags, papers, water bottles and all manner of things around the house. I am constantly tripping over or moving his junk. FFS.

Whilst he seems to have a blind spot for his mess, he can't stand Chai's mess and so is constantly cleaning up and putting away Chai's toys. FFS.

He does this at least five times a day. FFS.

It drives both Chai and I crazy, Chai because he can't find his toys and me because I'm constantly searching for the particular toy that Chai wants. FFS.

No matter how many times I tell him to leave it until the end of the day, Tiger ignores me and then gets annoyed when the house is strewn with toys two minutes after he's cleaned up. FFS.

If only he'd clean up his own mess so diligently. FFS.

And that, lovely people, concludes my whinge for this week. I was going to include something about the weather however I'm sitting here in the air conditioning eating an icypole so I won't.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Dear Baby G

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