Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Eleven Questions Tag

Is anyone getting sick of me doing tags? I hope not because here's another one that I saw on Bronzer Bunny

What is your dream job?

I have no idea. If I knew, I'd be doing it. I'd like to do so many different things. I'd love to be a make-up artist, martial arts instructor, naturopath, aromatherapist, traditional chinese medicine practitioner, psychologist, investigator. See, I can't decide. At the moment I'm perfectly happy with what I'm doing, which is being a mother, so I suppose that's my dream job.

Are you a baker or a cook?

Both. I prefer baking however I cook more than I bake, cause when I bake I make yummy, fattening things and then eat them all, which is not a good thing!

On your beauty journey, have you noticed any changes in your preferences in any way?

Not really. I suppose that my tastes have changed as I get older, but I still love beautiful make-up, which I've always loved. And I'm still addicted to lip products.

What is always in your refrigerator?
Cheese, olives, sundried tomato's, eggs, lots of fruit and veggies.

Do you crave sweets or savory and what was your last intense craving?

Sweets. I'm a chocolate girl. Having said that, my last intense craving was for mashed potato's, but that's a pregnancy thing.

Last gift you gave?

I gave a ring to hubby for our second anniversary.

Last gift received?

Hubby gave me a bracelet for our second anniversary. 

What is your current beauty item that is welling up into an uncontrollable urge?
I've always been addicted to lip products but since I've been doing P100P my urge to shop has drastically reduced. I'm starting to realise that I have way too many products and I don't need to add anything more to my collection. That's not to say that I won't still buy things when P100P is over, but I will buy less.

What age did you get your first white hair?
39. I was pretty pleased when I found it. 

What is the last horror movie you watched?

I don't watch horror movies.

What is a holy grail beauty product that you’ve discovered?
Only one? That's impossible to answer, there are so many!

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