Friday, 11 January 2013

FFS Friday - I'm back!

After an unplanned hiatus I am back! You'll all be pleased to know that there was no miraculous escape required. The BIL's visit went really well, he's cleaned up his lifestyle and is happy, so Chai loved him. Naturally there were a few moments though.

The week of christmas was a heatwave in WA. FFS.

It was so hot I was convinced someone had forgotten to tell me that I'd died and gone to hell. FFS.

BIL spent a good deal of time telling me how much he dislikes living in Australia. FFS.

Coming from someone who was born and raised in Australia and has never lived overseas, I find this quite strange, so I told him what I tell everyone who tells me they don't like living here, "if you don't like it, leave." Pretty simple really. FFS.

He also spent a good deal of time trying to get us into his latest network marketing scheme and talking about 'residual income'. FFS.

We even sat through a 20 minute DVD about it. FFS.

As is typical with those type of schemes, it didn't give any information about the scheme, it just talked about getting rich. FFS.

If it was that easy everyone would be doing it. FFS.

We had a bit of time with in PIL's over the christmas break. FFS.

I could go on about it for hours, but I'll keep it brief and tell you about two things.

MIL informed me that Chai is more intelligent than her cocky. FFS.

I said that I should hope my son is more intelligent than a bird. FFS.

Not content to leave it there, she went on to tell me that the reason my son is smarter than a bird is because she spent years trying to get the bird to say BIL's name and he couldn't, however Chai picked it up straight away. FFS.

I've long suspected Chai is a genius. FFS.

On christmas day hubby, BIL and the PILs were all sitting outside and Chai was playing. I heard MIL let out a huge scream so went racing out the front to see what was wrong. FFS.

There was nothing wrong. FFS.

Chai had walked onto our driveway and MIL thought he was going to get run over by a car so she screamed. He wasn't anywhere near the road and hubby was right next to him. FFS.

 Chai has now figured out how to open all the doors in our house. FFS.

No room is sacred. FFS.

I now regularly find him playing with the water in the toilet. FFS.

Naturally, the toilet safety locks are out of stock everywhere. FFS.

He's also figured out how to open the child safety locks so I had to get different ones. FFS.

Hubby has constantly complained about them since I got them. FFS.

Maybe he'd rather Chai smash all our plates and cut himself on the broken glass. FFS.

Today I was driving slowly through a carpark (as I do when I don't want to kill the pedestrians) when a huge truck came up behind me and started beeping his horn. FFS.

So I did the only wise thing and slowed down even more. FFS.

Stupid man kept on beeping his horn when I stopped to avoid running over a family with two children in a pram. FFS.

What an idiot. FFS.

Last I saw him he was stuck at a roundabout behind a car that wasn't moving. Hahahaha. Not FFS.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Dear Baby G

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  1. Your mother in law sounds spookily similar to mine!


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