Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dear Chai

Today you are 22 months old! You are growing up so fast! You've got really adventurous this month, trying new things and being so proud of yourself when you manage it. 

You now go down the slide sitting on your bottom. You did it for the first time today and were so pleased, you giggled the whole time you were on the slide. You also went on a big swing for the first time. You only fell off once (when you forgot to hang on with both hands), but thankfully you landed on your feet. You are very good at climbing and can climb up ladders and the horizontal climbing things at the playground.

To my distress you can now open all the doors in our house, so I often find you playing in the toilet, either flushing it over and over again, or climbing on it trying to reach all the things on the windowsill. You also like to dance on the toilet. As if that's not clever enough, you also figured out how to open the child locks in the kitchen so I had to get different ones.

You are going to make a wonderful big brother because you love babies are so gentle with them. You gently stroke their heads and get so excited.  

Thomas the Tank Engine and Timmy Time are your favourite tv shows, you watch them over and over again. You call Thomas Did Did and love anything with Thomas on it, so we got you lots of Thomas clothes. 

You are saying more and more words and will try to say most words that we ask you to. When you wake up from a sleep you don't cry any more, you just call out Mumma until I come into the room. You now only wake up once a night and for the past week have been sleeping in until 6am which is nice. 

My beautiful boy, I love you more than words can say.

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