Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Beauty Blogger Tag

I saw this on Chel's blog and since I'm all about doing tags at the moment, here it is.  
Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I've been blogging for 4 and 1/2 years. I started back in 2008 when my crohn's disease was really bad. I was stuck at home, isolated, lonely and unable to go out much. When I did I had nothing to talk about cause I didn't do anything and all people wanted to speak to me about was my disease. Beauty blogging gave me a connection with the world and I could pretend that I was well and healthy. It was the space where I could feel normal and escape from the reality of my life at that time.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
The first blog that I can remember reading was Tine's blog, Beautyholics Anonymous

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
I have no idea! At a guess I'd say it would have been a MAC lipgloss. MAC was new to Perth and I had only heard about it from blogs. At that time I only had two lip glosses then I bought Spite and Lust, which are still favourites.

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?
1. It allows me to talk about make-up and skin care as much as I want to. None of my friends share my passion for all things beauty, so online is the only place I can chat to my hearts content.

2. I've met some wonderful people and been lucky enough to meet a few of them in person too.
3. I've also found some amazing products that I wouldn't have known about if it hadn't been for blogs.
4. It gives me an outlet where I can forget about the world and shut off for a while.

5. Learning about all sorts of new products, I'm always hunting for something better. 

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?Honesty is the best policy. The reputation of your blog is based on you being honest, so don't risk loosing readers just to keep a brand happy, it's not worth it. Different things work for different people so just because something doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for someone else.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
No, I was always interested in make-up and skin care, blogging just gave me somewhere to chat about it.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Write about the products you love. If you want to get more publicity for your blog don't try to use other blogs to do it, it just annoys people. By all means write comments on other blogs but don't post links to your blog without their permission.

Name your top five brands!
1. Models Prefer
2. Physician's Formula
3. Carmex
4. Original and Mineral

5. Audra James

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!
1. Lip balm
Asian BB (The Face Shop make my favourite one)
3. Anti-aging serum
4. Concealer
5. Mascara

Tag other beauty bloggers to do this tag!
Anyone who wants to! If you do, please put the link below so that I can read your post.

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