Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dear Chai

Today you are 21 months old.

To your delight you can now eat with a fork and love to feed yourself. I took a video of you feeding yourself which you love to watch over and over again. 

You have a potty now which you sit on when Dad and I are going to the toilet. You haven't used it yet but it won't be long. You can wee when we ask you to and you tell us before or just after you've done a poo.

This month you have started to like baths. You've hated them your whole life but now you like them and want to have two a day. You don't sit down in the bath but you stand in there and play and splash water all over the place. 

Lip balm is one of your favourite things at the moment, probably because you see me using it so often. You've got one of mine that you keep in your pocket then take it out, put it on your lips and then back into your pocket, it's so cute. 

Another one of your canine teeth came through this month so now there's only one to go and you'll have all your main teeth.

You are a beautiful, happy little boy and I am blessed to be your mother.

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