Monday, 10 December 2012

Current Obsessions

I don't know about everyone else, but I go through obsessions with make-up. I'll see a product or someone wearing a certain shade and then I'll be obsessed with finding it. I'll hunt high and low until I find the exact product I was looking for and usually pick up two or three different brands until I'm happy.

In view of this I thought I'd share my current obsessions with you all. Being on Project 100 Pan means that I can't buy anything so I've been shopping my stash and have been surprised at the products I already have. 

Since I no longer have plenty of time to apply my make-up in the mornings I'm all about products that are quick and easy to use. At the moment I'm loving cream blush and lip and cheek creams. I find cream blush a lot easier to use than powder blush, I can apply it with my fingers and only need to dab a little on then I'm good to go. Also, if I make a mistake it's easy to correct, I just rub it off with my fingers. 

I always have a lip and cheek cream in my handbag because it's a double duty product. I can use it to add more colour to my cheeks and use it on my lips too. Depending on the shade, I also use my lip and cheek cream as an eyeshadow.

This isn't make-up, but my other obsession at the moment is Pana Chocolate. It's amazing! Pana Chocolate is raw, organic, sugar free and the yummiest chocolate I've ever tasted!

Does anyone else get obsessed with products too? What are you recommendations for cream blushes and lip and cheek creams that I should try when I've finished P100P?

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