Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bloom Organics Gentle Hand and Body Wash

Just after I had Chai I was given this as part of a beautiful care package. I decided to use it as a hand wash and put it in my ensuite so that I could use it all to myself cause I'm selfish like that. It lasted me 18 months! Prior to receiving this I'd never spent more than $5 on hand soap, but now I buy more expensive soap because it lasts so long and it's lovely to use something that smells amazing and doesn't dry my hands out. Plus, using it feels like a little bit of a treat which is nice.
It comes in a huge 500ml bottle and costs $38.00 (AUD). The scent is a beautiful mix of ylang ylang, lavender and orange which I found soothing and gorgeous. They also have a hand cream in the same scent which I'd love to try.
I'm a firm believer in using things that give you the feeling of having a bit of luxury in your day and this definitely falls into that category. I'm sure it would also be beautiful to use as a body wash and considering how large the bottle is it would last a few month and you'd smell amazing.

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