Monday, 3 September 2012

Tangle Teezer

I never expected to be writing a review for a brush, but here we are. Until Natalie wrote about the Tangle Teezer I'd never heard of it. You can read Natalies review here.
I have very long hair (nearly down to my waist) and I lose a lot of it. My hair is all over the house as so much of it falls out. It clogs up the basin, my hair brush, the bed, it is literally everywhere.
This truly is a miracle product. I was a little skeptical that a hairbrush could reduce the amount of hair that falls out but it does. Since I've been using this I only get about 10 hairs caught in the brush from brushing my hair and very few hairs fall out afterwards. My house is no longer covered in my hair, it's quite amazing.
As you can see in the photos there are two different length bristles. Tangle Teezer feels very gentle to use, in fact it feels like I couldn't possibly be getting all the knots out as the brush doesn't get caught in my hair. I've noticed that this gets the knots out easier and quicker, I'm really not sure how.
Tangle Teezer is also safe to use on wet hair. Again, I was a little skeptical about using a brush on wet hair, but it worked really well. I've now thrown out my brush and comb as the Tangle Teezer is the only brush that I need.
In my opinion everyone needs a Tangle Teezer!  I paid $13.60 from Beauty Bay. They have free worldwide shipping too!


  1. Completely agree. I have very long hair too and I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years now and never looked back. It's the only brush I need :)

  2. I need one of these, my hair goes everywhere as well. I've seen them around some shops in Melbourne lately but now I'll definitely have to pick one up!

  3. I have three Tangle Teezers. Both me and my kids love them. My kids do not want to use any other brush.

  4. I love my tangle teezer, got it about a month ago and I’ll never use another brush again! Its great for when I’ve just got out the shower as my hair gets really tangled then. I got mine from Hairtrade it seems to be the cheapest place you can get it at the moment. I wear I&K hair extensions too and its great on them x

  5. SO GOOD. Sarah I think I originally saw them on your blog or Twitter!


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