Friday, 7 September 2012

FFS Friday

Well thankfully this week has been much better than last week. I actually don't have a lot to whinge about this week, but I've rustled up a few things so that you don't get disappointed. 

In last weeks self pitying, self absorbed whinge I forgot to mention the spew fountain that occurred on Wednesday night. FFS.

I'd just finished feeding bub his dinner when he let out a little cry and then did a huge spew all over himself, his high chair and the floor. FFS.

Whilst I was grabbing a cloth to clean him up he did another huge spew. FFS.

At this point I realised the only option was to undress him and get into the shower with him. FFS.

Poor bub was totally soaked in spew, there were pools of it all over the floor and in his high chair. FFS.

Once I got him cleaned up I tried to clean up the spew but he wanted to help, so I had to lock us both in the bedroom until hubby got home and looked after bub so I could clean. FFS.

For the rest of the night I could smell spew. FFS.

One of our neighbours has put a swing in their unfenced front yard. Bloody inconsiderate of them. FFS.

Chai is currently obsessed with swings and now that he knows there is a swing just up the road, he wants to go there all the time. FFS.

Despite me paitently explaining to him several times that it's not our swing, he tries his best to have a swing. FFS.

This results in my carrying him home in a horizontal position whilst he screams blue murder. FFS.

I think that if people are going to be mean enough to put a swing in their front yard, they should be okay with random strangers using it. FFS.

Sunday night we had the in laws here. FFS.

MIL was telling us about something she saw on tele. A whale killed a man and he survived. Yes, you read that right. FFS.

Later in the evening she asked hubby "Would you like to get Dad a pair of your sneakers for him to borrow?" FFS.

I don't know why she couldn't just say "Can Dad please borrow a pair of your sneakers?" FFS.

Or for that matter why he couldn't ask himself. FFS. 

Turns out he'd left his sneakers at home. They were at the shopping centre earlier so why they didn't buy him a pair I don't know. FFS.

Hubbys feet are 2 sizes bigger than his dads. FFS.

About 5 minutes later MIL says "Do you have any triple oil?" I couldn't be bothered asking what that was so said no. She asks again if we have any triple oil and hubby says no. She then asks if we have any fish oil tablets. Hubby says yes, then she asks if Dad can have some. FFS.

There is a chemist across the road so they could easily have bought some themselves, but why would they do that when they can sponge off us. FFS.

Bub and I have both had a dry, itchy patch on our eye for the past few weeks. FFS.

I thought mine was due to hayfever and bub's was due to conjunctivitis, so have been dosing us both up with the appropriate medication. FFS.

This week my eye has got really bad so I took us off to the Dr. It turns out that we both have eczema. FFS.

Hubby has been back on the "you are so noisy" bandwagon this week. FFS.

Last night he told me that I closed the lid to my hand cream very loudly and I'd probably wake bub up. FFS.

Really, either he has bionic hearing or I have superhuman strength. I don't think it's possible to close a hand cream lid in a noisy manner. FFS. 

Amazingly, he remains unharmed. FFS.

See, I really am a wonderful wife. FFS.

And that's my whinge for this week. Have a great weekend!
Dear Baby G


  1. OMG your MIL knows the cure for death! ;D Great FFS Friday - I really needed this today :)

  2. You are so funny you made me laugh out loud and Husband was curious and wanted to have a read too.

    Anyway I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Pls humour me and check out the link :)

    Mandy x

  3. Such a cute baby. All mother's are fantastic and deserve the best. Last year I ordered a package from beaute pacifique for her birthday. She loved it and I knew she would Because I have always been a bit of a mama's boy.


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