Friday, 27 July 2012

FFS Friday

Friday is here! We've had a wonderful week so I don't have a lot to complain about. I got great news from work on Monday, we found out Wednesday we are getting great tax returns and this news has made it a great week for us. 

In a sure sign that I'm rapidly approaching old age, I have had a hankering for kitchen appliances lately. FFS.

I really want a Thermomix, however as I don't see us having $2000 to spend on a kitchen appliance anytime soon, I decided to make do with the poor man's Thermomix (PMT) on sale at Target. FFS.

I went in there on the first day of the sale and couldn't find it anywhere. FFS.

As baby native was getting restless and trying to kick his way out of the pram, I had to leave without asking about the PMT. FFS.

I went to Targets online store to find the PMTs were all sold out. FFS.

Undeterred, I rang Target's customer service line, but they work on Eastern Standard Time so weren't available. FFS.

Next I rang Target Innaloo. The rude lady who answered the phone told me that they had two left, they wouldn't hold one and I couldn't layby it over the phone. Great. FFS.

I called the Whitfords store and spoke to Graeme who was lovely. He told me they had one left and where it was. He also told me that they were getting fifteen more PMTs in so if I went to the store and the last one had been sold I just needed to go to the layby section and they would hold one for me. Not FFS.

On a whim I decided to go into Innaloo Target the next day. You'll never guess what I saw as I walked in the door. Three PMTs! FFS.

So the very rude lady (who didn't give her name when she answered the phone), had lied to me! FFS.

Once we've got our tax refunds I will be the proud owner of a PMT and will have no time to blog as I'll be busily whipping up amazing culinary creations. Or not. FFS.

It's a very sad fact that I am so excited about my new PMT I have a photo of it on the dinner table and I look at it every time I walk past. FFS.

Clearly it's time I got a life. FFS.

Saturday morning bub woke up screaming for Daddy at 4am. FFS.

I went in to him but he was determined to have Daddy. FFS.

Knowing that if I took him into our bedroom he'd think it was play time, I stayed in his bedroom and waited for hubby to come in and settle him. Hubby didn't bother coming in. FFS.

It took me an hour to get bub to sleep. FFS.

When I got back into bed hubby and I had the following conversation:
Hubby:What on earth was that about?
Me: How the f@#k would I know. He wanted you.
Hubby:You should have bought him in.
Me:You should have come in, I know you heard him.
Hubby gets up for work with a big sigh. He comes back in later acting all hurt because I swore at him. FFS.

Tuesday, my least favourite day of the week. It started at 5am. FFS.

Hubby got home at 7.30pm. FFS.

I'd just walked out of bubs room after spending 45 minutes trying to get him to sleep. FFS.

He commented on how untidy the house was. I gave him a death stare. FFS.

He then tells me that he'd split his hand open and hurt his ankle at training. FFS.

A little later, whilst I was getting my tax paperwork ready, cooking his tea and trying to tidy up, he asked me why I was in a bad mood. FFS.

I gave him the death stare. FFS.

Will he never learn? FFS.

I then nicely explained to him that I've had a 14 hour day with bub and I'm tired. FFS.

A little while later he asked me where his work socks are. FFS.

After a long discussion with me telling him I have no idea where they are and suggesting he's misplaced them, he found them on the clothes airer in the front lounge room. FFS.

He tells me he's found them and gives me an accusing look. I gave him the death stare. FFS.

Excuse me for forgetting that I had washing on the clothes airer, clearly I should know where his socks are at any given time. FFS.

Speaking of tax, our accountant decided to come over to do our tax at 4pm on Wednesday. FFS.

I'm not sure how he thought I could sit down to have my tax done with bub there. FFS.

Thankfully he was an hour late, so hubby was home. Not FFS.

The accountant (a friend of ours) was staying for tea. I got it all organised, turned on the oven then got distracted by bub so went outside to let him run around. I came back inside at 5pm to realise that I hadn't put the roast on. FFS.

Tea wasn't ready till 7pm. FFS.

Hubby started working for a different company last week. He got his first pay this week and it was less than we were expecting. FFS.

They didn't pay him for Monday and as it's only 1 days pay they won't pay him until next week. FFS.

The PILs are going to be visiting on Sunday. FFS.

Last time they were here MIL bought a bowl for bub so that he can "have his own bowl". FFS.

As if he doesn't have enough of "his own bowls" already. FFS.

It's a glass bowl. FFS.

Does she really think it's a good idea to give a glass bowl to a 16 month old? FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Yeah, I think it's time he had his own bowl too ;P

    I want a PMT!!

    1. PMTs are on sale at the moment, so you can layby one! Or you can just come over and use mine when we move down there :)

  2. I always have to work when my in-laws make their bi-annual visit. We get along famously, as a result.

    1. I need to come up with a scheme like that. Just got made redundant from work though, so I'll have to come up with something else.

  3. I think the PMT's look awesome you will have to let me know how you go so I can whinge how I spent $2k on RMT x

    1. I'll keep you posted. From what I can tell, yours does more things than mine does. xx

  4. LMAO at your MIL. My MIL does that kind of thing ALL the time. With 2 boys, I can only pray that one day I'm not one of THOSE MIL's!

    1. I am determined that I won't be one of those MIL's, I'm sure you won't be either!


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