Monday, 9 July 2012

Dear Chai

My beautiful son. Today you are sixteen months old. I say this every month and I'll keep on saying it, you are a delightful, amazing child. You have a very strong personality and don't have any trouble letting us know what you want. You express yourself very easily (Dad says you get that from me). You are a very friendly child, you love people and other children. When you see other children you get really excited and run up to them to say hello. You also love animals, especially dogs, you think it's really funny when they lick you.

You have tantrum throwing down to a fine art and chuck tantrums every day. Fun. Thankfully you are usually easily distracted although there are times when no matter what I do you can't be dissuaded.

You love running around outside, playing in puddles, throwing rocks and exploring. If you had your way you'd play on the road all the time, however to your great disgust I won't let you. You also love stairs. You'll happily climb up and down stairs for half an hour or more.

You are trying to talk more and more, the first word you tried to copy was Alphabet. You managed to say Alpha. This week you are trying to say Blue, which comes out Brrrrrrr.

Your favourite book and song is Wheels on the Bus, you can do all the actions. We sing Wheels on the Bus at least twenty times a day. Your favourite part is the horn going Beep Beep Beep.When we go to Rhyme Time (which you love) you get very annoyed that they only sing Wheels on the Bus once.

You pick up things so quickly, out of the blue you'll copy something that you saw us do days earlier. You can do the motions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, you just started doing it one day.

When you hurt yourself you like us to kiss you better and if we don't see you hurting yourself you will show us the sore bit and demonstrate how you hurt yourself. 

Elmo is your favourite character, you have lots of Elmo toys and scream with excitement whenever you see him. You also like Thomas the Tank engine, but not as much as you like Elmo.

You love to sing and dance and are very cute. Dancing is either running on the spot or bending your knees and bouncing up and down. Whenever you hear music you like you'll stop what you're doing and start dancing. You sing to Hokey Pokey and into Elmo's microphone. You will also sing if we ask you too.

This month you've learned how to blow kisses, give kisses, wink and blow your nose. 

Teeth wise this has been a big month, you got four molars through. They didn't upset your sleeping too much, only for a night or two. You ask for the bonjella and point at your mouth when your gums are sore and in the last week you've been sucking your thumb or finger. They are nearly fully through now, it's just the one on the bottom left that hasn't quite come up.

Finally you are sleeping better. We resettle you once or twice a night but it only takes a minute or two. It's such a relief to be finally getting some sleep!

For the last three weeks you've only had one breastfeed a day, which is at bedtime. I decided to stop feeding you in the morning unless you asked for it and you've only asked for it twice. This is how I wanted to wean, I wanted you to decide when you were ready to reduce feeds and that's exactly what you've done.  

My beautiful boy, I am so glad that you came into my life.


  1. This is beautiful. I love your writing :)

  2. How beautiful! What a special post xoxo

  3. This makes me melt so much! I especially love the reenactment of any incident where he hurt himself - to make sure he gets the 'kiss it better' he's entitled to! So smart ;)


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