Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March Favourites

Olay touch of foundation - I absolutely love this. It was love at first application. It smells amazing and works really well. It has more colour than a tinted moisturiser but less than a foundation. There is enough coverage that I can wear it without having to put powder over the top.

Australis nail polishes - These are great quality products and so cheap. They last at least four days on me without chipping.

EmerginC Eyelight cream and serum - I think I've found my holy grail eye treatment. I've been using this for about six weeks and my dark circles are so much better! Some days I don't even need to use concealer.

Nailease stickers - What a brilliant idea. These are so easy to apply and last for a week. They come in some really cool designs too.

Nvey Eco concealer - This is my new favourite concealer!

Glamourflage lip balm - I love the gorgeous tin, it smells great and is very hydrating. 

Haus of Gloi Parkin Pumpkin Butter - This is the most beautiful scent. I've been using it very sparingly because the scent is no longer available, but it's nearly gone :(


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