Friday, 27 April 2012

FFS Friday

It's Friday again! This week has been very confusing. Tuesday felt like Friday, Wednesday felt like Saturday and Thursday I had no idea what day it was. FFS.

In order to fix my blog feed I had to totally change my blog template. FFS.

It took me bloody ages. FFS.

My blog feed still isn't fixed. FFS.

I've been trying really hard to get a look inside the neighbours sea container without them realising what I'm doing. FFS.

It looks like someone might be living in there. FFS.

I still suspect that it may be a clan lab cleverly disguised as a bedroom. FFS.

There has been a lot of hammering and drilling coming from the sea container this week. FFS.

You know those stressed out mummies that you see in the shopping centre? The ones who look worn down and disheveled and they are juggling lots of bags and a screaming baby? That was me on Friday. FFS.

Saturday morning hubby arrives at work to be told that his pay rate has been dropped by $6 per hour. FFS.

As if that's not bad enough, they now expect him to work an extra half an hour per day. FFS.

And so the job searching begins. FFS. 

Saturday night we had friends coming over for coffee. We'd arranged for them to come over at 7pm after bub was in bed. I'd even made brownies. We were all running late so changed the time to 7.30pm. They arrived at 8.30pm. FFS.

By that time I was tired and ready for bed. FFS.

I didn't feed them the brownies because I decided they didn't deserve them. FFS. 

Monday I went to the Dr with a list of things to discuss. FFS.

Turns out my manky nose is due to a staph infection. Great. FFS.

I now have to put ointment in my nose three times a day. FFS.

After only two days of using the ointment my nose is totally healed. FFS.

If only I'd gone to the Dr earlier I could have saved myself two months of pain. FFS.

I find out this afternoon if my crohn's is flaring up. The Dr suspects that it is. FFS.

If it is I will have to stop breastfeeding bub because of the medication I'll be on. FFS.

Neither bub or I are ready to stop breastfeeding. FFS.

So now I'm trying to decide whether to take the medication or continue breastfeeding. FFS.

You'd think it would be a simple decision but it's not. FFS.

I know my health is the most important thing because I can't look after bub if I'm sick, but breastfeeding is a really special part of our relationship and I don't want to give that up just yet. FFS.

Plus, it means admitting to myself that he's not a baby anymore. FFS.

Something has taken up residence in our roof. FFS.

It's very noisy so I suspect it's something large. FFS.

I've come to the conclusion that it's either Other Wife or that the the neighbours have got sick of living in the sea container and decided to live in our roof instead. FFS.

Monday night I find hubby in the hallway wielding a large stick. FFS.

Turns out he was going to bash on the ceiling to scare whatever is living in the roof. FFS.

Fat lot of good that would do. FFS.

I pointed out to him that as bub was asleep this really wasn't a good idea and that scaring it would only make it move around more. FFS.

Don't know why these things required pointing out, I would have thought they were rather obvious. FFS.

This week we continue with our attempts to kill our child. FFS.

The first time was Sunday night. FFS.

I took a glass of water to hubby in the lounge room where he was playing with bub. I should have known better because he always leaves things lying around. FFS.

A little while later I hear the sound of breaking glass. FFS.

Bub has picked up the glass and was carrying it around when he fell over and dropped the glass. FFS.

Thankfully he didn't land on the glass! FFS.

It'll be a small miracle if the poor child survives his second year. FFS.

The second time was on Monday. FFS.

I'd gone to the toilet (whilst trying to stop bub eat the toilet roll, put his hands in the toilet, lick the toilet floor etc). FFS.

After a bit of a struggle I'd managed to get off the toilet, pull up my pants (whilst bub tried to pull them back down again), shut the toilet lid (whilst bub tried to put his hands in the toilet) and flush the toilet. FFS.

I walked out of the toilet to wash my hands at the laundry trough and stupidly left bub in the toilet. FFS.

I washed my hands and turned around to find that bub had lifted up the toilet seat, put his hand down into the toilet and found the fresh disc. FFS.

He'd smeared it all over his hand and was about to put it into his mouth. I got there just in time. FFS.

I really miss going to the toilet on my own. FFS.

Since having his immunisations bub hasn't slept very well. FFS.

He's decided that midnight is party time and he stays awake for at least two hours. FFS.

We went in there Saturday because hubby's phone hasn't been working properly. We went to the Karrinyup store who were bloody useless and no help at all. FFS. 

You would assume that when you go into a Telstra shop they will be able to sort out your problem but no, you have to use the phone in the store to call customer service. FFS.

Hubby spent over half an hour on the phone whilst I chased bub all over the shopping centre. FFS.

Finally he came to an agreement with customer service and then the store had to take over and do what had been agreed to. Talk about mucking around. FFS.

The staff at Karrinyup told us they didn't have the correct computer system to sort things out for us. WTF? Surely they all have the same computer system? And if they didn't you'd think they would have told us that straight away. FFS!

The Innaloo store were much more helpful, however it still took over an hour to get things sorted out. FFS.

When we told the guy at Innaloo that Karrinyup said they don't have access to the right computer system he said that was a load of crap. FFS.

Hubby was given a free screen cover worth $10. Tuesday he gets a phone call from Telstra saying that he took the screen cover without paying for it. FFS.

Hubby explained that it was given to him and they said that they would have to check their security cameras to confirm his story. FFS.

As if he'd bother stealing something worth $10! FFS.

When we went into the store to sort things out they denied accusing him of stealing. FFS.

Not sure what else you call taking something without paying for it, borrowing maybe? FFS.

After finally getting the whole thing sorted out, (their security cameras confirmed that a staff member gave the screen cover to hubby), we get home and discover that the phone can't do video calls so now we have to go through the whole rigmarole again. Great. FFS. 

I spent all day Wednesday thinking that it was Saturday and having mini heart attacks because I thought I'd forgotten to do my FFS Friday post. FFS.

I didn't just think this once, I had this thought at least four times throughout the day. FFS. 

Thursday night I have another mini heart attack when I get tweets about FFS Friday and realise I haven't finished my post. FFS.

I spent all day Thursday thinking it was Monday. FFS.

Clearly I've totally lost my mind. FFS. 

Dear Baby G


  1. I like the new template! I read this on the weekend and thought I commented but maybe I was dreaming? I know that's not true because I never get to sleep enough to dream. Anyway enough about me, I have been worried about you all week. I know the thought of weaning is so so so tough but you have to put yourself and your health first in this situation. Also think about what an amazing breastfeeding journey you've had so far! Plus you need a boob break before #2 right? I think anyway that BFs for 12 months deserves a freakin' medal, you've gone way beyond that x

    Then I read your new mascara post and thought that bitch has no dark circles under her eyes!! jealous

    1. Awww, don't worry about me, I'm okay. You are so right, I didn't think of it like that. I know I'm lucky that I've been able to breastfeed for this long, but I just hate the thought of bub suddenly having to go cold turkey.

      I do have dark circles, they are just cleverly hidden thanks to my Models Prefer concealer (post coming soon!)


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