Friday, 20 April 2012

FFS Friday

It's Friday! Time for my weekly whinge.

This week has been crazy, I haven't stopped for a second and yet I haven't been doing much. FFS.

I still haven't read the FFS posts from last week. FFS.

Friday night I felt like there was some food stuck in between my teeth. FFS.

As I was getting it out a chunk of my tooth fell out. FFS.

First thing Saturday morning I call the dentist and they tell me I can't see my regular dentist until May. FFS.

I manage to get an emergency appointment with another dentist (at the same surgery) on Monday. When I see her she's heaps better than my usual dentist and a lot faster. Wish I'd been seeing her the whole time. FFS.

My usual dentist had told me my teeth were really bad and they'd all need fillings within six months (that was about eighteen months ago) so I was expecting the worst. FFS.

The new dentist told me my teeth are really good and she has no idea why I was so worried. FFS.

Saturday morning bub decides to wake up at 5.29am and refuses to go back to sleep. FFS.

I have a discussion with him about why this is not appropriate behaviour. FFS.

I then learn how difficult it is to go to the toilet with a crying baby sitting on your lap. FFS.

This is a skill I never wanted to learn. FFS.

We've worked out that including travel hubby works 70 hours per week. FFS.

Someone keyed hubbys work car right across the bonnet. FFS.

He spoke to the security guys who tell him that although they have security cameras in the car park they can't check cause the cameras aren't usually recording in the car park. FFS.

Bub has figured out that he can climb up the couch and down the back of it. FFS.

On the way down he hits his chin hard enough to make him cry, however this doesn't stop him. FFS.

I think I have a future stuntman on my hands. FFS.

Sunday night in the middle of tea I came down with a lovely case of gastro. FFS.

I spent the evening vomiting. Gross. FFS.

It occurred to me at midnight on Sunday night as I was lying in bed feeling sick, that I haven't explained FFS Friday. FFS.

Here goes. Sarah from Dear Baby G started FFS as it's cheaper than paying for therapy. Anyone who wants to join in posts their link on Sarah's post so that everyone can read/laugh hysterically/sympathise/be glad they aren't us. Sarah's hubby also does FFS Friday so you get two for the price of one, bonus!

You know those days that start at 4am and then you splash wee in your face when you're changing bub's nappy? Yeah that. FFS.

This week hubby and I have nearly killed bub twice. FFS.

The first time was Sunday. We were going out and had walked out the front, shut the door and hubby was about to put bub in the car when we realised that neither of us had the keys. FFS.

I expected hubby to have them because he was driving and he expected me to have them because I always walk along behind him and pick up all the things he's forgotten (keys, phone, wallet, head etc). FFS.

Whilst we were discussing the lack of keys "You always have them", "No, you always have them" (we are so mature), neither of us were watching bub. FFS.

I assumed hubby was watching him because he'd taken him out of the house and I was fishing the spare keys out of my bag. FFS.

Hubby looks around and bub is about to step onto the road. FFS.

I've never seen hubby move so fast. FFS.

Just after hubby retrieved bub, a car came flying down the road. FFS.

Lesson learned. FFS.

The second time we nearly killed bub was Tuesday morning. Hubby had left two painkillers on his bedside table. FFS.

Bub was playing in our room, toddled over to hubbys bedside table, picked up a painkiller and put it in his mouth. FFS.

Thankfully I was watching so took it out again straight away. FFS.

Another lesson learned. FFS.

My mobile phone can spell FFS. It's the first word that comes up when I type in F. FFS.

Telstra provides a 10 second voicemail service on my phone. People leave a message and it gets converted to a text message. I'm yet to receive a text message that makes sense. FFS.

I got one from a private number yesterday which says: "Hi Lisa, it's Alexie calling from silk. Just wanted to catch up about the racks sun on project. Please gimme a call back. Thanks." FFS.

Hopefully it's a wrong number. FFS.

I've established that the neighbours are not using the sea container as a clandestine drug lab, they are using it to store junk. FFS.

Clearly they don't have enough room in the house for all their junk. FFS.

I was happy in the knowledge that they were only going to be there for three months as the house was for sale, however the house has now been taken off the market. FFS.

As the house is only suitable for demolition this means we have many more years of bad tenants to look forward to. FFS.

I think it's time to move. FFS.

And now it's time for a rant. Get a cup of coffee/tea/wine/whatever takes your fancy, or walk away now, whatever you prefer.

Thursday bub had his immunisations. I hate immunisations. FFS.

First there is the whole issue of if you should or shouldn't immunise your child. I've been unable to find any really reliable information either way, so I'm going with the theory that I will immunise him because if he got sick due to me not having immunised him I'd be kicking myself. I'm still not sure if I'm making the right decision. FFS

The act of immunising seems so barbaric to me. FFS.

Really, these poor, defenceless little children are being put through pain. it's horrible. FFS.

Even worse, you have to sit there and hold them still whilst they are being jabbed, so it's like you are playing a part in them being hurt, it's heartbreaking. FFS.

The first three immunisations were two needles and this one was three needles. FFS.

Surely there is a better way. They could combine them or make them oral vaccinations or something so that we aren't jabbing the poor little things two or three times. Really, I wonder about a world where we can use numbing cream when getting a bikini wax and yet we can't find a pain free way to immunise an innocent little baby. FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. Love FFS Friday!

    Geez louise, I've always wondered about that voice to text feature. I couldn't fathom that they would be in any way accurate, so you've just confirmed I wasn't crazy paranoid about it. Explains a lot of calls not returned.

    1. It's a horrible feature. I never return the calls cause the messages don't make sense, I'm sure people who call me just think I'm rude.

  2. What a week! I understand about the vax, it is SO awful watching them go through it. However, a world without smallpox is pretty good, no?

    1. Yes, that's my thinking. I'd much rather vaccinate him than see him sick for weeks. I just hate the vaccinations! Last time hubby came with me but this time he was on a course so I had to go on my own. Horrible things.

  3. You are hilarious. I love that you thought about FFS Friday on Sunday night in the midst of gastro, that is 100% commitment. I immunise for the same reasons because I would never forgive myself if something happened to her, I hate it too. So very glad that gorgeous little man of yours is still alive x

    1. Clearly I'm going crazy to be thinking about FFS Friday in the middle of gastro ;)

  4. This week kept on giving! I should remember NOT to drink anything while I read your FFS Friday posts ;) I hope the gastro is long gone and you're back on your feet - it sounds like you need all the energy you can get now that you've got a little stuntman on your hands! xxx

    1. Hehehe, did you spray your computer screen?

      I'm all better now thanks, the gastro only lasted that night :)

    2. The computer was fine, but I got some lemon water up my nose and a bit got sneezed out on my top in the ensuing coughing/laughing fit! It's the clandestine drug lab that got me! To quote you, 'Lesson learned' :D

  5. I love your FFS Friday posts. My baby boy is due on the 01st of May and I am sure I will be experiencing many FFS moments :)

    Without getting on the immunisation bandwagon, I read a very good article on the topic you may find of interest:

    Look forward to your next FFS post :)

    1. Thanks for the link, I'll have a read tonight.

      Not long now till your little one is here, how exciting!

  6. Serious note first.... go the vax.... Dr Karl would approve! (no not the one on Neighbours)

    Funny note second.... dare you to think about FFS Friday on Sunday when you are in church and attempt not to pig snort....

    Love your FFS!


    1. Hahaha, I do often sit in church thinking about what I'll write in my FFS post, it's so hard not to laugh :)

  7. I am glad you survived all that and I hate dentists in general but those who take time are more like catastrophes!

    1. I didn't even realise she was slow until I saw the new lady! Glad I know now though!

  8. I think you need a big hug xoxoxox OR a big wine xox


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