Friday, 13 April 2012

FFS Friday

It's Friday! Time for my weekly whinge, yay!

We've been considering moving back to my hometown and building. We went to look at my house (which we'd knock down) and the street leaves a lot to be desired. FFS.

Now we're back to square one and have no idea what we're going to do. FFS.

Sunday we went to the markets. Hubby puts bub on the floor as he was squirming and protesting. FFS.

Hubby is then surprised when bub runs away and doesn't return when hubby calls him. FFS.

I spend 20 minutes walking around after bub. FFS.

At one stage he picks something up and swiftly puts it in his mouth. FFS.

After I extract it from his mouth I notice it's a rollie cigarette butt. FFS.

Despite the breast baring incident, Hubby has now decided that we will go to church every Sunday. FFS.

I can't convince him to go without me. FFS.

Bub is obsessed with thongs at the moment. FFS.

We can't leave the house without at least 2 thongs. FFS.

They even come into the shopping centre with us. FFS.

I get a lot of horrified looks from people when they see bub chewing on a thong. FFS.

It's now impossible to find a pair of matching thongs in our house. FFS.

I'm ashamed to say thongs are now an essential part of my wardrobe. FFS.

It's millipede season at the moment. They are all over the house. FFS.

Try as I might to pick them all up, I've caught bub eating them several times already. Gross. FFS.

It's become apparent that hubby has decided Tuesday is Take Your Life In Your Hands Day or as I like to call it Suicide Via Wife Day. FFS.

This Tuesday hubby came home from training at 7.10pm. FFS.

It'd been a very long day. FFS.

Bub had woken up at 5.50am and been clingy and whingey all day. FFS.

He'd only had two short sleeps so was tired all day too. FFS.

I'd finally gotten him to sleep, made dinner and was just sitting down to eat when hubby gets home. His first comment was that the house looked like it'd been hit by a bomb. FFS.

His second comment was that he'd come home early from training to help put bub to sleep but as bub was already asleep he should have stayed at training. FFS.

This was all before he'd bothered to say hello. FFS.

Being the good wife I am I ignored both those comments and just swore profusely in my head. FFS.

After having a shower hubby comes out and has a go at me because he kicked his foot on one of his sticks as he walked into the bedroom and 'nearly broke my toe!' FFS.

He decided it was my fault that he couldn't look where he was walking. FFS.

He said that I should have tidied up. Instead of preparing dinner perhaps? FFS.

Next Tuesday I'll tidy up and he can go without dinner. FFS.

It was at this point I decided to go to bed and fantasize about all the ways I could 'nearly break' hubbys toe. FFS.

See, I really am a good wife. FFS.

My blog is still not working properly. FFS.

My posts aren't showing up in Google Reader, on Twitter or Blogloving and the RSS feeds are not working either. FFS.

I have no idea how to fix it. FFS.

Stupid Bob2 now has 11 messages on it that I can't listen to. FFS.

I'm sure there were 12 messages a few days ago, no idea how one has disappeared. FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. Aw, you're showing up in my Google Reader now!

  2. your husband needs a smack upside the head.

    in OTHER news, you came up fine in my Blogger feed :)

  3. "We can't leave the house without at least 2 thongs" made me lose it. hahaha

  4. I thought yesterday was Friday (again!), swiftly felt even more deflated because of 1 more day waiting for FFS Friday... The wait was worth it ;)

  5. I'm a new reader of your blog and love reading your FFS Fridays! Reading about someone elses real life moments makes me feel better about mine :)

  6. Love your FFS Friday's! Your hubby needs a good knock on the head I say! xx

  7. You have the patience of a saint! Love reading a good rant, you're blog shows up on my feed fine, i use bloglovin'


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