Friday, 6 April 2012

FFS Friday

It's that time of the week, time for me to complain about everything that's been annoying me this week.

Sunday, I was vacuuming the house when hubby says to me "are you stubborn or stupid?" Charming. FFS.

In his defense, he said it because he usually does the vacuuming as it stirs up my allergies and asthma. FFS.

Right on cue, I started wheezing and sneezing. FFS.

My nose is still manky and full of sores. It's so uncomfortable. FFS.

I'm starting to wonder if I need to see the Dr about it. FFS.

I can just imagine how stupid I'd sound though. "I have sores in my nose, they are really uncomfortable." FFS.

Hubby was supposed to get a payrise seven weeks ago. When it finally came through, they took some allowances away so now he gets paid less than he did before the payrise. FFS.

They've been saying they'll sort it out for weeks now and still haven't. FFS.

Now, they've given him yet another payrise, so who knows how much we'll lose this week. FFS.

It took him 12 months, but bub has now figured out where my boobs are. FFS.

This means that whenever he wants a feed he rips down my top and sticks his hand on my boob. FFS.

Sunday we were at church. FFS.

I made the mistake of wearing a V neck top. FFS.

For some reason bub decided he needed a mid morning feed. FFS.

He hasn't had a mid morning feed for months. FFS.

He pulled down my top and exposed my right boob to the whole church. FFS.

As he was yelling at the time, lots of people saw my boob. Great. FFS.

I'm hoping hubby will agree that this means we can never go back to church again. Somehow I'm thinking he won't agree with me. FFS.

For some reason my blog posts aren't showing up on Google Reader. FFS.

There are lots of strange people going in and out of the house next door. FFS.

Monday they had a sea container delivered. I didn't realise unloading a sea container was so noisy. FFS.

Mum helpfully suggested that maybe they're using the sea container as a clandestine drug lab. FFS.

I'm wondering if she's right. FFS.

I told hubby about Mum's clan lab comment and he said that it'd be a great place to put a clan lab cause no-one can see into it. FFS.

I'm considering commencing covert surveillance on the neighbours just in case they are running a clan lab. FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. If you smell anything weird, call Crime Stoppers. Because yes, it has been done :)

    I can't figure out why your posts aren't showing up in my Google Reader. I'm going to try unsubscribing and re-subscribing.

    1. I am keeping a very watchful eye on the sea container and will be calling Crime Stoppers at the first sign of anything suspicious. I saw into it yesterday and it was empty, but I heard them opening the door early this morning so will have to check it out again.

      My feed thingo seems to be broken, they don't show up for anyone and then they all arrive in flood. It's doing the same thing in Bloglovin too. If I was technical I'd be able to figure it out.

  2. I feel bad about how funny this post was. Um, most of it :( Good luck with your hubby's work - I know how slowly things can move on THAT front.

    1. Looks like he wasn't paid right again this week and Hubby's boss is now avoiding giving them their payslips because he knows it will cause trouble. Fun.

  3. I came here to say exactly what Suzanne said. ^^


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