Monday, 9 April 2012

Dear Chai

Today you are thirteen months old. This has been a month of firsts for you.

On the 12th of March you started swimming lessons. I was worried that you wouldn't like it but you loved it, you even went underwater. You went twice a week for the first month and now we're going once week. You get so excited about swimming, you scream with excitement when we are walking towards the steps and once we get inside you cry because you want to get in the water.

On Monday the 26th of March you said your second word which was DadDad and then a few hours later you said MumMum (clever boy). Now you are making lots of different sounds and chatting all the time. Even though you can't talk you are very good at letting us know what you want. You climb up onto my knee, say BubBub and point at where you want to go.

You got your seventh tooth on the fifteenth of March, it's the bottom tooth on the right hand side. I'm not sure if it's because of your teething necklace but this tooth didn't bother you much. You had two unsettled nights and that was it. Tooth number eight came through on the third of April, it was the bottom tooth on the left hand side.

On Thursday the 29th of March you stopped crawling and started walking all the time.  You look so cute when you walk, you flap your arms and your bottom wiggles. You can already run (particularly when you have something in your mouth that we are trying to get off you!)

On Saturday the 31st of March you walked in shoes for the first time. You weren't sure what to think when I put the shoes on you and then you thought you couldn't walk. I convinced you to walk holding both of my hands and then you were off.  

Thongs are your favourite toy at the moment. We don't go anywhere without a thong coming with us. When we're leaving the house you choose two thongs and carry them outside. You'll leave one at the front door and the other one comes with us. You sit there happily holding it across your legs. At home you push a thong around the house and the bring it to me to put on.

You can make a sound like a Lion and Tractor and movements like a fish, crocodile and butterfly. You copy us when we stretch and chew, which is really funny (and super cute).

Your favourite books are Hello Monkey, On The Bus and I See Me.
Your favourite toys are your Elmo puppet and toy, Buckley the golliwog and your shape turtle.

The past thirteen months has been the most amazing time of my life. You are a beautiful child, full of laughter, light and curiosity. You love to play peekabo and explore new places. I love being your Mum.

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