Monday, 23 April 2012

Burt's Bees Baby Bee All Better Balm

I've mentioned before that I prefer to use natural products on bub. One of my favoured brands is Burt's Bees, they have great products that are reasonably priced and readily available. 

Baby Bee All Better Balm is something that I always have on hand. It's great because it can be used for just about anything. I use it when bub has a rash, if he falls over and gets a scrape, on his bruises and even for his nappy rash. I also use it on myself when I have scratches (usually courtesy of bub).

I don't recommend using this on your lips. It does look like a lip balm, but trust me, it tastes horrible (yes, I know this because I tried using it as a lip balm). 

Burt's Bees say: Baby Bee All Better Balm provides gentle and natural relief for baby's bumps, bruises and "ow-ees". Our formula is enriched with cocoa butter, vitamin e and lavender oil to nourish, soften and soothe baby's sensitive skin.

Paraben free, phtalate free.

I purchased my All Better Balm from Myer for $14.95 for a 7g tube.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, fragrance, tocopherol, calendula extract, chamomile extract, lavender oil, rosemary leaf extract.

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  1. I absolutely love Burt's Bees Lip balms and Baby Bee All Better Balm sounds like a great multi-purpose balm. I will definitely look into this next time I go shopping.


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