Monday, 27 February 2012


Lately I've been craving a simpler life. I want less. I'd like to move to the country, have a smaller mortgage, have hubby work less and just do less. I want a simple life. To this end I've decided that 2012 is the year of clearing out and simplification. I want my life to be less complicated. It's not people complicated, it's stuff complicated. 

When we first moved into our house in 2007 I was sick. I didn't know how sick I was at the time, I found that out a few months later. Due to me being sick and hubby not helping at all with the unpacking, the house was a total disaster. I unpacked everything and just put it wherever it fit. As I've been sick since then, our house is a huge mess. 

Whilst hubby was on holidays over christmas I was determined to get our house organised, but due to a few different factors it didn't happen. Trying to organise and clear out with bub around is not an option. Despite that, I'm determined that I will get organised. I've started with my skin care because that's something I can sort through quickly when bub is asleep. I've decided to apply queueing theory to my sample.Queuing theory says that if you do all the small tasks first you'll get more done that if you do the big tasks frist. So, I'm going to start by using up all the samples that I have lying around. Once I've used them all then I'll move onto the travel sized products and then the full sized products. I'm also going to go through everything and either throw out or give away the products that I don't think I'll use. 

Some of my fondest memories are of a time when life was simple. I was living in the country, I had a good job and I'd just bought my first house. Life was simple. I went to work, swam at the beach after work every day, watered my lawn every evening and spent time with my friends on the weekend. Nothing was rushed. There was time to do everything that I needed to do. Life was good.

So what changed? Me. I started to want. Back then I had everything and I didn't want more. I had a good job, a house to live in and a lifestyle that I loved. Then I moved to the city which is when I started to want. Instead of enjoying the simple things in life, going to the beach, spending time with friends, I started to shop and look around. This is when I started wanting. I also started spending more time online, so became aware of more things to want. It was a downwards spiral. I'm over it. It's time to get back to the simple things in life.

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