Monday, 20 February 2012

Priceline Beauty Club

Priceline is one of my favourite stores, I spend so much time in there that the staff all recognise me and will happily amuse bub for me whilst I shop. Bub loves going in there because he knows that the ladies will all coo over him and play peekaboo with him. Aside from the lovely staff, Priceline have a great range of reasonably priced products, which is why I spend so much time there. 
On Thursday Priceline launched a new version of their club card called the Priceline Sister Club along with a new Beauty Club. The Sister Club is free to join and the Beauty Club has a $25 joining fee. When you join the Beauty Club you get a welcome gift which is worth $62. Plus the Beauty Club gives you access to a 5% club card voucher, so it means you get more money to spend!
I joined the Beauty Club on Friday and this is the gift I got: A large Models Prefer tote bag, a small cosmetic bag, a make-up mirror and an Ultra Lip Gloss pencil in Kiss and Makeup.
I'm not exactly sure what all the benefits of being a Beauty Club member are but in my opinion with a welcome gift worth well over $25 it's worth signing up. Priceline says that Beauty Club members will get extra perks, access to new product samples and a Club Lounge and Beauty Club Area on the Priceline website.
Beauty Club members will also receive two free beauty magazines each year (I think these will be online magazines).


  1. I was tempted to sign up to this too, I'm just not really sure what it is :p

    1. I figured it's worth it just for the welcome gift and the 5% voucher :)

  2. Not sure really what it is but sounds like something I need to sign up too! I am a total sucker for Priceline.


  3. I'll post more when I find out more about it. The lady at Priceline who signed me up didn't know much about the club, but I'll go talk to my favourite lady there this week, I'm sure she'll know all about it.

  4. Thanks for posting the pics! I would have signed up if we got discounts on every purchase. National Pharmacy in Adelaide is something like that, you get 20% off on all purchases, even on already reduced ones. I have bought so much makeup for more than 40% off when I lived there.
    Weren't we promised samples for the regular clubcard? I haven't got any samples from the clubcard so far.

  5. Wow, I wish we had National Pharmacy here, a 20% discount would be great!

    I've received a few samples from the regular club card over the years, not many though and they were mainly shampoo and conditioner sachets.

  6. Hi i work at priceline !
    i can tell yo what the beauty club we have is about so you sign up with the $25 price and you get things like VIP invites to priceline events and make up events you get more coupons i think the events would be great for a blogger as it would be interesting to read about. also you get more of a deal then with the sister club card you get a higher discount and more special offers because you paid for the club. it may seem allot to join at frist but you do get it back in rewards


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