Friday, 17 February 2012

FFS Friday

To my great frustration hubby has an inability to return dvd's on time, so we always have late fees. A few months ago I got a letter from the dvd store saying we owed $21.50 in late fees. FFS.

I gave the letter to hubby to deal with and promptly forgot about it. FFS.

Monday I got a letter from the dvd store saying if we didn't pay the $21.50 within 7 days they would send it to the debt collector. FFS.

I gave the letter to hubby who said "we'd better pay them then." FFS.

He still hasn't paid them. FFS.

After teasing me with only 2 wake-ups per night all last week and then one night with only 1 wake-up, bub is now back to 4 or 5 wake-ups per night. FFS.

Hubby's still talking about having another one! FFS.

I heard him talking to a friend a few days ago saying "Yeah, the Mrs wants another baby." I don't recall telling him I want another baby. FFS.

On the nights when bub sleeps well I do want another baby, not telling hubby that though. FFS.

Bub is even more clingy this week than he was last week. I can't take two steps away from him without him crying. FFS.

Going to the toilet with a baby hanging off my knees is really difficult. FFS.

Yesterday he managed to get his hands on the toilet rim when I got off the toilet. Gross. FFS.

Not to be deterred by my clingy/cuddly bub I tried putting him in the baby carrier. He wouldn't have a bar of it. He doesn't want to be in the carrier he wants to be attached to my front with his arms around my neck. FFS.

Needless to say, I've got nothing done this week. It's a miracle that I've somehow managed to cook tea twice this week. FFS.

This smoke haze is driving me and my asthma crazy! FFS.

Once again the brother in law advertised his surfboard with my phone number and without telling me. FFS.

Yesterday morning (at 7.50am!) I got a phone call. It went something like this.
J: You have a surfboard for sale?
Me: No.
J: It was in the Quokka.
Me: Oh. Yes.
J: Can you tell me about it?
Me: Ummm, it's a surfboard?
J: How old is it?
Me: No idea.
J: Is it in good condition?
Me: I don't know.
J: What make is it?
Me: I don't know.
J: Oh right.
Me: Look, my brother in law advertised it without telling me, I know nothing about it other than that it's a surfboard and it's bigger than a regular one.
J: Okay, thanks.
At this rate he's never going to sell the damned thing. FFS.

I can just see I'm going to be getting surfboard phone calls for the next three years. FFS.

On Saturday night hubby and I had our first date night since bub was born. We left him with mum and went out to tea. When we got there we discovered that you need to book for tea. Who knew? FFS.

By 8.30pm we were tired and ready to go home to bed. FFS.

Wednesday I went to Whitfords shopping centre. I drove around for a while trying to find the pram parking but couldn't find it. FFS.

When I'd finally parked and was going into the shopping centre I found the pram parking right near the entrance. FFS.

The reason I couldn't find it is that it's not sign posted, it's just painted on the ground, so if there are already cars in the bays you can't see it. FFS.

Mother in law was here yesterday. I could tell you all about it but in the interests of keeping this to less than 100 pages I'll just say FFS.

Bub has now decided that the best way to pull himself up things is with his teeth. He uses his teeth to help him get grip on things, including my knee. FFS.

Thanks to bub's clingyness I'm currently typing this standing up, with bub hanging off my legs. FFS.


Dear Baby G


  1. Hahahaha sounds like the week I've been having... FFS!

  2. Oh dear you are so good at this! I can't help but laugh. We had two nights of Maggie just waking up once and I felt like I could run a marathon. The last 3 nights she hasn't slept longer than 45 mins at a time. SO are you trying yet ? :)

    1. 45 minutes at a time? That's terrible! You must be exhausted. Imagine how much we'll get done when we finally get some sleep!

      We're not trying yet, cause we don't have the energy :)

  3. LOL - oh man, that is one hell of a week! Make hubby get up to baby for one whole night and then see how keen he is for another ;-)

    1. Hahaha, I'd love to make him get up for the whole night, he doesn't cope with it very well though. He keeps on talking about having another one, I'm sick of hearing the for and against debate.

  4. I completely understand everything FFS indeed!

    1. Does that mean we'll be seeing FFS posts from you too?

  5. Good grief. And I think Frank's clingy. I think you've successfully deterred me from having babies O_o

    1. Noooo, babies are gorgeous, as long as you don't mind not getting any sleep.

  6. Yes! I love it!
    I find myself negotiating with Millie when I'm standing up from the toilet - 'Ready to sit down and let go of Mummy's knees? Mummy's standing up now. Ready? Ready?'
    FFS. :)

    1. That's a good idea. I hadn't thought of that. I usually try to distract him by asking where his pegs are or something similar.

  7. I am absolutely loving your FFS Friday posts. I can't tell you how mant absolute doozy experiences I have had of late and found myself saying FFS out aloud!

    Today I had a guy serve me at Coles and I had to get a plastic bag as I ran out of enviro bags. Firstly the guy serving me looked all of 12 and then he over packed the bags resulting in the bottom falling out of it as soon as I lifted it from the trolley to place in the car FFS!

  8. I'm so glad you like these posts. I've already got this weeks post half done.

    Stupid Coles guy!


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