Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dear Baby Chai

Today you are eleven months old. How time has flown. You are growing into such a little boy and have a very strong personality. This time last year I was heavily pregnant, suffering with the heat and excitedly getting ready for your arrival. I'd just finished work and was busy washing all your clothes and getting your bedroom ready for you.

You've now stopped sucking your thumb and you have learned how to frown. When this was a new skill, you did it all the time. Where you used to smile you frowned. It's very funny and cute. For a whole week you wouldn't smile at all, but now you are frowning less and smiling more. You've also perfected the evil stare and will do it when we ask you to, which makes us all laugh.You've started to do a very cute smile where you crinkle up your nose, it's gorgeous!

 I'm teaching you how to do high fives at the moment. You have the wave sussed and now if I've been standing talking to someone and you want to get moving you wave at them :)

Tooth number six has finally come through so for two weeks we got some much needed sleep, but now you are back to waking up every two hours. You still wake up twice a night to feed and often a few more times needing to be resettled. I'm trying a new routine with you hoping that it will help you sleep better. It looks like you have more bottom teething coming through, hopefully they won't bother you as much as your top teeth did. Aunty Lani and Uncle Layton sent you an amber teething necklace so hopefully that will help.

This month you've decided that you don't like to sit in your high chair so to your great disgust we have to strap you in. If you would sit still on my knee whilst I fed you I wouldn't use the high chair, but you wriggle constantly so that's not an option. I really don't like strapping you in but it's the only way I can feed you.

It won't be long until you are walking. You can balance for about a minute now and are so excited when you do, you squeal with delight. We cheer and clap when you stand up so that makes you even more excited. You can walk holding onto your new walk along toy, you look so cute when you walk. You've taken a few steps here and there, but they are more by accident. 

You went to the beach for the second time this month, you still don't like it. I put your feet in the water and you cried. I think it's the cold. You don't like having cool showers so maybe you just don't like cold water.

We had another trip away this month, we went to Manjimup for L & L's wedding. You were not a happy camper for the car trip up and back, you don't like to be confined for long so didn't like having to sit for three hours without being able to get out and crawl around.

To my relief you are starting to get used to being in the pram. You don't love it but you will put up with it for a little while. I was getting worried because you are nearly too heavy for me to carry in the Ergo Baby so I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

Your favourite toys are Sophie the Giraffe, the green tea bottle with three ten cent coins in it, your walk along toy, your cars, your football and your ducks.

You push your cars all around the house and get frustrated when they get stuck. You love chasing your football all around the house too, that keeps you amused for at least fifteen minutes. 

Your favourite books are Baby Ways, Tweety, Touch and Feel Farm Animals, Who's Hiding?, The Green Tractor (I know this one by heart now because we read it at least five times a day), The Yellow Car, The Blue Train and The Red Fire Engine.


  1. I think SOMEONE is a candidate for Where Is the Green Sheep!

    Loved reading this, made me criminally clucky.

  2. I haven't heard of Where is the Green Sheep, will have to find it.

    You are welcome to visit anytime you want to get your baby fix :)


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