Friday, 9 September 2011

Sometimes I wish hubby had a mute switch

Hubby and I are total opposites in some respects. I'm calm, he's a stress head. I have a 'she'll be right' attitude, he worries about everything. When something happens I'm of the opinion that you should build a bridge and get over it. It's happened, you can't change it so deal with it and move on. Hubby dwells on things, wonders why they happened and days later is still talking about them. It drives me crazy! 

Hubby disects and analyses things so that he knows why something has happened where I just want a plan of action to fix it. Hubby has a need to vent and get things off his chest over and over again, whereas I discuss something once then forget about it. It's hubbys need to dwell on things and vent that drives me crazy. I don't see the point in continually disecting an issue when we've already decided on a solution, it's a total waste of time.

Last week hubby had a bad weekend. He was tired and couldn't cope with bub. In my opinion it's just one of those things, no big deal. In hubby's opinion it was a huge deal. He needed to know why he was tired and why he couldn't cope with bub. In my mind it was really simple, bub was having a growth spurt so had been feeding every two hours over the weekend. Obviously that meant we were both tired.

Tuesday morning he was talking away and I looked at him (not for the first time) and though "I wish he had a mute button". That way he could get things off his chest without me having to listen to them. Yes, he was tired, yes, we know why he was tired and yes, we'd decided on a solution so what was there to talk about? According to me, nothing. According to hubby, lots. Hubby ranted on and on and on for about 10 minutes. At 5.30am 10 minutes of ranting feels like an hour of ranting. Then when he got home from work he talked about it for another 10 minutes. That's in addition to all the talking he'd done about it over the weekend, and also to the guys at work and everyone else who would listen.

I try my best to be compassionate and understanding, however his venting drives me crazy! If he had a mute button I could look at him, nod occasionally and not have to hear any of the ranting.

Imagine how nice life would be if we all had a mute button. We could mute anyone that we didn't want to listen to, it'd be great. 

And that's the end of my ranting :)


  1. Heh, in my relationship with Ben I was the venter and he sat there and pretended to be listening.

    One of the greatest inventions ever is the 'Hide' button on Facebook, so I can hide all the people who get on my nerves without actually unfriending them and hurting their feelings or creating drama. And I'm sure many people hide my ranting!

  2. lol, love this post! apparently I do have a mute button! I can talk and talk and hubby doesn't hear a thing , lol xxx

  3. Sorry to hear about that. :(
    I feel that way about my mother! Haaaaahaha~! but I do think it's important to keep letting him rant for awhile since he needs to get it off his shoulders...but there is a limit somewhere along the line when you should probably say, "hey, your mood is bringing my mood down!"

    1. i thought my mum was the only person like that!!! MUTE. MUTE. MUTE.

  4. If you find one please please let me know ;)

  5. he needs twitter lol that's where I vent hehe but generally hub and I are both pretty calm, not big talkers/over analysers


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