Monday, 12 September 2011

Australis Limited Edition Nailpolishes

There are two words that are sure to get me (and a lot of other beauty fiends) interested in a product - Limited Edition. I think it's the fear of missing out on a product that's amazing. Clever cosmetic companies have figured this out so are releasing more and more limited edition products to tempt us.

Australis are one of those clever companies, they have just released four limited edition nailpolishes, and two of them are crackle polishes! The polishes are available for six months from 1 August. 

The green colour is called Here Today Gone Tomorrow and the pink is Today's News. They are both beautiful colours that I get a lot of compliments on when I wear them. I don't usually wear nailpolish as I usually chip it the same day that I apply it and I can't be bothered applying nailpolish every day. These polishes are great though, they both last at least four days without chipping. Here Today Gone Tomorrow chipped after four days and Today's News chipped after five days.
I'm really happy with how long  these polishes last, it means that I only have to apply my colour once a week. It should be noted that I didn't use a base or top coat, so if I did no doubt I'd get an even longer wear time.

Today's News only requires one coat to look great, as shown in the photo above.

I applied two thin coats of Here Today Gone Tomorrow. It probably would have looked okay with one thick coat, however as it is a dark colour I thought it'd be better to apply two thin coats.
I'd never used a crackle polish before so wasn't sure how to use these. I discovered that they work best when applied in a thin layer.
The photo above shows how the crackle polishes look when applied correctly and the photo below shows what they look like when applied too thickly.
Not a very good look! The great thing about crackle polishes is that it means you can get extra wear out of your nailpolish as it hides any chips. I find that the crackle polish doesn't chip at all, or if it does it's not noticeable. My crackle polishes last for at least five days.

I love both of the crackle colours. I thought that the white crackle might look like liquid paper, but it looks really pretty over pink and red polishes. The black crackle looks great over everything. 

The crackle polishes are exclusive to Priceline and cost $8.95 each. 

Here Today Gone Tomorrow and Today's News are available from Big W, Kmart, Target and pharmacies for $7.95.

Would I buy these? Yes. The crackle colours are great and the regular polishes are long lasting and a bargain!

These products were sent to me for consideration.

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  1. Today's News is hot - love coral at the mo, coming in to Spring


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