Saturday, 4 June 2011

P50P Epic Fail Part 3

Thankfully this is the last post in my Epic Fail series. It's a nice small fail too. As I mentioned previously, just like an addict I've been on a lip product binge and it's been so much fun. However I'm now back on the wagon and will do my best not to buy any more lip products.

This time I purchased two lip balms from Haus of Gloi. They make amazing bath and body products and have recently released a range of lip balms that I couldn't resist buying. I was very restrained and only purchased two. 

I also purchased some balms from Vintage Sister. I've long been a fan of Vintage Sister so was really excited when their store reopened. When I saw they now make chocolate lip balms I had to buy some. The largest product in the photo above isn't a lip balm, it's Elbow Grease which is a moisturiser.  

After having a think about this I've decided to change P50P. The new rule is that from now on, if I purchase any more lip products they will be deducted from my tally. As that will make P50P take even longer, it should be a good deterrent for me. I'm still pondering if I should include lip balms in P50P, I just can't decide that one. 

Here's my tally. As you can see, I've purchased more products that I've finished, that's something that I aim to change! I really need to start using more lip gloss and lipstick, however since I had bub I rarely wear anything other than lip balm.

Lipsticks finished: 0

Lip glosses finished: 1
Lip balms finished: 3
Total products finished: 4

Lipsticks purchased: 0
Lip glosses purchased:11
Lip balms purchased: 15
Total products purchased: 26
Number of products to go until P50P is finished: 46


  1. Loving these posts, and I'll be very interested to see what you make of the HoG balms! Good luck second time around ;)



  3. they look so cute
    don't feel bad about your fail. at least you tried. I am not even going to try LOL

  4. The amount of lip balms you've purchased recently is at least twice as many as I own in total, LOL. But hey, I can't talk *opens blush drawer and looks in ruefully*


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