Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bloom and Blossom Soothing Nipple Balm

Now that I have a baby, be prepared for a whole new type of reviews as I search out products for mums and bubs. 

At this early stage of bub's life I have discovered that nipple care is very important. This means that I've been on the hunt for a good nipple balm. I've tried quite a few, but my favorite by far is Bloom and Blossom's Soothing Nipple Balm. 

Bloom and Blossom is a UK company who make products for mothers, babies and mothers to be. They use the minimum number of ingredients to get the maximum result and their products are free of nasties.

There are a few reasons this is my favorite nipple balm:
It is effective - it keeps my nipples in good condition and when they are sore it feels very soothing.
It's natural and safe for baby. Even though I wipe the residue off before I feed bub, I'm sure there are still remnants of it when bub feeds, so it's good to know that there is nothing in it that could harm him.
Whilst being highly moisturising it has a light texture and I only need to use a very small amount. It is also very easy to spread. Some of the other nipple balms I've tried have been very thick and sticky so very difficult to apply.
It makes a lovely, shiny lip balm that tastes good. 
The little pot is cute and compact so easy to carry around in my bag. It's not obviously a nipple treatment too so when I'm using it as a lip balm no-one knows what it really is.

Bloom and Blossom says: Our Soothing Nipple Balm has been developed for mothers to help heal and protect sore or cracked nipples. It is safe to use during breast feeding and can also be used to help treat other sore skin conditions, such as dry and chapped skin and lips.  

I'm glad that I discovered that nipple balms make great lip balms. All the nipple balms that I'm not liking as nipple balms are being used as lip balm instead. They also work really well as a cuticle cream and an intensive moisturiser for dry patches. 

Bloom and Blossom products can be purchased from Beauty Works West.

There are only five ingredients in this product, they are: 
Organic passionflower extract which is high in vitamin e and fatty acids to soothe the nipples.
Coconut oil which softens and soothes the skin and it's sweet taste encourages the baby to feed.
Lanolin which moisturises the skin, reduces the risk of allergic reactions and stops the spread of infection.
Glycerin helps retain water in the skin.
Water which is taken from natural sources.


  1. I use nipple creams/balms on my lips more than I ever used on my nipples! Lol. They make great lip balms.

  2. Hi
    I was doing research about this product when i was in France for my studies, and I bought it on this website :
    Do you know if i can buy it in a physical store? or only by the website? Thanks a lot.

  3. In Australia I think you can only buy it from Beauty Works West, however there is a store locator on their website


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