Monday, 11 April 2011

MOR is coming to Target!

From the 18th of April a lovely range of Dolce by MOR products will be available in Target. 

There are three different scents available;
Sorbet, which is a lovely blend of lemon, lime, coconut and vanilla.
Pomegranate, a violet, jasmine, pomegranate, sweet raspberry and black current coulis blend and
Honey, a blend of may bell infused honey, amber, cotton candy and vanilla.

All of the three scent ranges have five different products, a 150g soap cake for $10, 350ml hand and body lotion for $15, 350ml hand and body wash for $15, 80ml hand cream for $10 and 170g fragrant candle for $15.

As you would expect from MOR, the packaging is divine.

I was sent the Sorbet range to test and have to say it's divine. I'll definitely be buying MORe (hehehe) of these products when mine run out.


  1. I haven't bought MOR products in years! Its great that Target will have them - I'm there a lot! so will check them out.

  2. BEYOND awesome. Target have been impressing me with their guest designers/brands.

  3. Yay, they look yummy & affordable!

  4. The thing I love about MOR is all of their products sounds so yummy. The Sorbet sounds especially delish!

  5. I cant wait to smell the Honey range, sounds right up my alley! :)

  6. I'm going to have trouble choosing between these new scents, and the packaging is so beautiful. Do want!

  7. OMG, these products sound amazing. I can only imagine how great they smell!

    Hope we'll be able to get MOR in the UK one day :P



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