Monday, 25 April 2011

Love & Toast Star Anise Lip Balm

Today I'm getting back to my true love and doing a lip balm review. As lip balm and skin care are about the only things I'm using regularly at the moment there will be lots of lip balm reviews coming up over the next few weeks/months/however long it takes to get into a routine with bub. Today I'm talking about a gorgeous brand called Love & Toast.

Isn't the packaging gorgeous. This is what the box looks like and when you open it first you see a love heart shape and then you see a toast shape, so cute!

The jar is so cute, once I've finished the lip balm I'm going to keep the jar to use for something or just to look at because it's pretty.

I wasn't sure what to expect of this balm. I like liquorice but wasn't sure if I'd like an anissed flavoured balm, however it's gorgeous and I'll be trying other liquorice flavoured balms in the future. The flavour is light and not at all overpowering and the flavour is lovely and sweet. I imagine that even people who aren't particular fans of aniseed would like this balm, it's a really lovely, unique flavour.

This is a clear balm that goes on with a slight shine. It has a medium, creamy texture which makes it easy to apply. I don't like balms that are too hard or too soft and this is in between, the perfect texture.  

Would I buy this? Yes, it's a great balm with a beautiful flavour. 

You can purchase Love & Toast lip balms from my favourite store, Addicted 2 Lip Balm, for $17.90 (AUD).

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, delicious Love & Toast flavour, organic hemp seed oil, aloe vera oil, vitamin e, stevia.

This product was sent to me for consideration. 


  1. They have such beautiful packaging don't they? And they are natural....
    I'm patiently waiting for two of the new stick tubes to arrive in the mail for me...


  2. I need Love & Toast in my life!
    I'm going to do a huge A2LB haul once this spending ban is over.


  3. MissSensuous, I'm waiting on one of the stick tubes too, it was posted today :)

    Melinda, you definitely need some Love & Toast. A2LB is so addictive, so many amazing products!


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