Thursday, 24 February 2011

Salon Review: Yummy Mummy Day Spa

Since I've been pregnant I've really needed some pampering, however I have been unwilling to get massages and treatments due to being pregnant. It's a catch 22 situation. There are certain things that can't be done when you're pregnant and rather than risk harming or loosing my baby I've shied away from getting treatment. That is until I read about the Yummy Mummy Day Spa on the Wellness WA blog. I wish I'd know about Yummy Mummy months ago! 

Yummy Mummy is a day spa for pregnant women. All of their treatments are specifically designed to treat the issues that pregnant woman face and they are all pregnancy safe. There is a huge range of different treatments that they offer, I found at least five treatments I'd love to have. They also have treatments for Daddies and non pregnant women. 

I happened to mention Yummy Mummy to one of my work friends and when I finished work last week I was delighted to receive a gift voucher for yummy Mummy as one of my baby presents.

Yesterday I went in there for the Heavenly Legs treatment. This is how the treatment is described: This reflexology and massage will provide instant refreshment and relief for your poor tired, aching legs and feet which is so common during pregnancy. The aloe vera is deliciously refreshing, cooling and soothing and the essential oil blend of cypress, lemon and geranium helps circulation and reduce that uncomfortable swelling.

Throughout my pregnancy, from about week twenty onwards I've been suffering from fluid retention. It's gotten really bad and now that I'm thirty seven weeks I'm really uncomfortable, to the point where walking is painful. My Dr says that I have six to ten kilos of fluid in my legs and feet, so I thought that the Heavenly Legs treatment would be perfect for me.

When I arrived I was greeted by Karen the salon manager and taken into a comfortable lounge area where I was given a glass of water and told where the toilets are (two of the most important things when you're pregnant). Karen also told me that I could stop the treatment at any time to go to the toilet (that made me laugh and proved that they are clearly very used to dealing with prego's). After filling in my paperwork my therapist Claire took me into the treatment room and thoroughly explained the treatment. She told me that she'd be massaging the backs of my legs for 20 minutes, the front for 20 minutes and then would be doing reflexology on my feet. She explained that after the treatment I'd need to drink lots of water to help all of the toxins drain. Interestingly, she told me that after the treatment I'd feel heaps better because when your legs are congested your whole body is sluggish. 

The treatment was amazing. It was scheduled to go for 50 minutes but went for an hour. The massage had to be quite firm in order to move the fluid and whilst it was quite painful in some areas it felt wonderful. Claire recommended that I have another treatment next week due to the huge amount of fluid I'm carrying (in fact she said she's never seen anything like it). 

After the treatment my feet and legs felt so much better, but today I can really notice the difference. Whilst my legs and feet are still swollen and fluidy I have so much more energy and walking isn't painful any more. I feel like a different person today. For the first time in weeks I slept the whole night through (only waking up once to go to the toilet) and I woke up feeling energised instead of tired and sluggish. 

I'll definitely be going back to see Claire next week. For all pregnant ladies out there I cannot recommend Yummy Mummy highly enough.



  1. Sounds heavenly! :) I wish I'm still in Perth, then we can go together.

    I've seen salons advertising pregnancy massage here but haven't picked up the courage to try it yet. There's one near where I live, the aromatherapy scents they burn there put me off though.

  2. Gosh, this sounds amazing! How wonderful that they have something like this in Perth. Glad you're going back too :)

  3. Ohh! sound divine! I'm only edging into 19 weeks but my feet & lower back are hacking it...mainly because my job I have to stand all day in thick, steel cap boots. Betcha it'll be water legs in another few months.

    I sure would adore this!! I should start going soon & you've given me food for thought to hunt out a good local place in SY... ;-) All the best with your next visit!!

  4. Wow that does sound divine, even to someone who is not pregnant and has not been pregnant before.

    I love the concept, I wonder whether they have something like this in other states?

  5. Music, you should definitely try a pregnancy massage, it is so worth it!

    Sarah, it was amazing! I wish I'd known about the place sooner.

    Tina, start going now, that way hopefully you won't get a lot of fluid retention like I have.

    Jen, I'm sure they would have something similar in other states, it's such a good idea.

  6. Soooo glad you went and loved it on our recommendation!!! :)

    That much fluid retention sounds awful, hope it gets better x


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