Friday, 4 February 2011

Elemento Mineral Green Clay and Aquamarine Face Mask

Until I was contacted by Ganesha Imports I'd never heard of Elemento Mineral. They are a Brazilian brand who produce natural and organic beauty products. Ganesha Imports kindly sent me the Green Clay and Aquamarine Face Mask to test and review.

When they told me they would be sending the Green Clay and Aquamarine Mask to balance out my combination/slightly oily skin I was a little worried. My skin is sensitive and often irritated by face masks, so I was concerned that something suitable for oily skin would be too harsh. To my great surprise this mask isn't harsh at all, it is very gentle.
This is a powder mask that you mix with water and then apply. Whilst it is a little fiddly, I enjoyed mixing it up. One tablespoon of powder mixed with about half a tablespoon of water makes enough to cover my whole face, neck and a little bit of my chest. 

I apply the mask using a foundation brush and leave it on for half an hour or more. I don't experience any irritation or stinging whilst the mask is on, it feels lovely and soothing. When I remove the mask my skin feels soft, fresh and smooth. There is no redness and my pores seem smaller.

For your amusement, I took photos of the process. The photo above is of the powder mixed with water and the photo below needs no explanation.
Scary isn't it?

Would I buy this? Yes. It's a lovely mask, fun to mix up and makes my skin feel amazing.

Ingredients: green clay, aquamarine powder.


  1. Love the pic of you in the mask! :D Sounds like a decent product too.

  2. I had such horrific experiences with Ganesh Imports I will actively avoid the products they are importing. Shame as they seem like nice products!

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  4. Hi Charlie, my name is Ross, and we are from Ganesha Imports, (with an a at the end) and have no links whatsoever with Ganesh Imports. We didn't even know Ganesh Imports existed when we formed our company last November, but now we see it when we do a Google search for Ganesha. We do sincerely hope no one else confuses us!

  5. lol, I love when people post mask shots of their face!

  6. Hehehe. I wasn't sure if I should post the photo of me with the mask on, but they always make me laugh when I see them on other blogs, so I couldn't resist :)

  7. I love clay masks, they always make my skin feel lovely afterwards. I've been using a Dr Hauschka one that you also have to add water too, I always feel like I'm mixing up a magical concoction!

  8. I have been meaning to try out this brand since ages! Have you tried the pink one? I think it's specially beneficial for those with sensitive skin as it increases your skin resistance to irritations.


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