Saturday, 18 December 2010

This weeks mail

I've had the most amazing mail this week, it's been very exciting.
Edge fake nails, these glow under black light, how cool! Nail Rock designer nail wraps, Nivea Q10 tinted moisturiser, Revlon false eyelashes, Bliss eye masks, Beaute Pacific eye gel, O&M goodies.

Softlips organic range. I'm really excited that this range is now available in Australia. 

Bathing Beauty gooodies.

Mary Kay samples.


  1. Ooh I'm curious about the soft lips range, are they stocked in priceline?

  2. I can't wait to see what you think of the Revlon eyelashes. I read Ponikuta's review this morning and they sound great!

  3. I will be looking out for your opinion on the Bliss eye masks, Beaute Pacific eye gel and the O&M goodies:)

  4. I love good mail weeks, hopefully I'll have one of those coming up soon too :)

  5. Jadegrrrl, not yet, they've only just been released in Australia so are at a few chemists, but soon they will be everywhere!

    Jessica, I'll be testing them out this week sometime so will posting my review soon.

    Jayne, reviews will be coming up early next year.

    Pop, I hope you do too, good mail weeks are so exciting.

  6. Oh the soft lips ones look intriguing, please do a review!

  7. Amy, so far I'm totally in love with the chai latte Softlips balm. My review will be coming up soon.


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