Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Santorini Sun Sunless Tanning Lotion

Being a fake tan klutz I'm scared of fake tanning. No matter how careful I am it either goes on all patchy or I have an allergic reaction and end up with dry, flaky skin. So when I received Santorini Sun to trial I was a little scared. Thankfully the weather was still cool when I first started testing it out, so I knew that I could wear jeans if I made a huge mess. Amazingly I haven't made a huge mess. I thought that my first test was a total fail but even that turned out well, which proves that Santorini Sun is klutz proof.

Santorini Sun is unique in that it is applied after moisturiser. However, a word of warning, don't do what I did on my first application and apply it immediately after moisturiser. Allow the moisturiser a few minutes to sink in and then apply. It comes in a spray bottle for easy application and is tinted so that you can see where you've applied the product.

After I apply this the tan develops over a few hours. Somehow every time I've used this my tan has come out looking natural and even, which continues to amaze me as I usually end up with splotches all over the place. Being very pale I love how natural looking and subtle Santorini Sun is. I apply it lightly over a few days to build up to the colour that I want. If you are more confident with fake tans you could apply the colour more heavily and only need one application.

Santorini Sun says: Santorini Sun is an innovative self tan lotion the gives that luscious just returned from the Greek islands sun kissed glow. Santorini Sun self tan lotion is a safe alternative to the exposure of harmful UV rays. This instant self tanner is designed for those who settle for nothing but the deepest and darkest tan attainable without the sun.Our most popular formula fades slowly and we believe is the longest lasting self tan lotion on the market.Our breakthrough organic formula gives you a glowing bronzed glamour.
Our award winning formula uses: No mineral oil or lanolin, no parabens or PABA, no petro-chemicals or artificial colors, no sodium lauryl sulfate or formaldehyde and is non- comedogenic.

Santorini Sun can be purchased online from Diva Society by clicking here.

I've taken a before photo to show how white my legs are and will be posting after photos next week when I manage to get a decent shot. 

Would I buy this? Yes, it's a lovely, easy to use product.

Active ingredients: DHA (derived from sugar beet), erthrulose (extends the life of your tan), allantoin (healing, soothing, and anti-irritating properties), aloe vera gel (a superb hydrator for dry skin), cecropia obtusa bark extract (an innovative local slimming and anti-cellulite ingredient, helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles), green tea extract (very soothing and moisturinzing, powerful antioxidant).


  1. I shall make a note of this as an easy to use tanner, but I think I'm still going to embrace the pale. I already spend too much time in the bathroom anyway! :)

  2. This product looks so nice!

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