Monday, 13 December 2010

New products I discovered in 2010

I always love reading the end of year wrap up posts that people do, so this year I thought I'd do a few of my own. I'm starting off with some of the new products that I discovered in 2010. They aren't all new as in just released, but they are all new to me.

Designer Brands Mango Body Butter - This is just like The Body Shop version but a lot cheaper.

Palmer's Gentle Daily Cleanser  - An effective, gentle cleanser that costs under $10.

Living Proof No Frizz range - An amazing anti frizz range that works.

Bare Minerals Matte -Revived my love for mineral foundation.

Essie nail polishes - Finally I have found a nail polish that lasts for days without chipping or flaking.

For Goodness Grape lip balms - Yum!

In Essence Tahitian Monoi body lotion - I love In Essence products. Their Tahitian Monoi body lotion smells beautiful and is really hydrating.

OP Therapy Sea Mineral body wash - Got rid of my annoying eczema in a few days.

Urban Decay Primer Potion - I was so excited to finally be able to try this, now I know what all the fuss is about.

Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll On concealer - Comes in a great little tube, is easy to apply and hides my circles well.

Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss - How can I not love a lip gloss that smells like chocolate?

Bobbi Brown concealer  - Out of all the concealers I've tried (and I've tried heaps), this is the most effective one. It hides my dark circles with minimal creasing.

wotnot facial wipes - They call these a facial in a wipe and they're right. I didn't realise how truly amazing these were until I finished my packet and started using a different brand. I used the other brand for a few days then went back to wotnot.


  1. What a great idea for a post! I like your list :)

  2. Hi, is the Garnier roll on the tinted kind? I've been eyeing them off but I don't know how effective they'd be in concealing undereye circes.

  3. Pop!, Thanks! I always love reading people's end of year lists so thought I'd do my own this year.

    M&M, yes it is the tinted kind. I find mine to be really effective, it's definitely worth a try, especially if you can find it on sale.

  4. I too discovered Essie nail polishes this year and I absolutely love them. Thanks for sharing your discoveries. Awesome post idea!


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