Monday, 20 December 2010

Hit and Misses of 2010


Australis Mineral Inject Lipgloss - One of my favorite lip glosses ever and so cheap!

Designer Brands Mango Body Butter - Just like The Body Shop version but $10 cheaper. 

Palmer's Gentle Daily Cleanser - A gentle, effective cleanser that costs under $10.

Living Proof No Frizz range - Natural, sulfate free and effective.

Essie Nail Polishes - Finally a nail polish that lasts more than three days without chipping.

Clarins tinted moisturiser - Keeps my skin hydrated and yet oil free at the same time, makes my skin look smooth and even toned.

John Masters Organics lip calm lip balm - One of the nicest lip balms I've ever used.

The Face Shop Blemish Balm - Clears up my skin and gives me flawless looking skin.

Estee Lauder Idealist - I love the way this makes my skin feel smooth and my pores look smaller.


Nivea Energy Fresh deodorant - I may as well not have used any deodorant, this was totally ineffective. 

Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer - Crease city!

Dove Minimising deodorant spray - I love the smell of this (I had Wild Rose), but every time I used it I had white balls all over the floor and all under my arms. 

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide and Define eyeliner - I love the applicator but every one that I purchased and tested had dried out. 


  1. I am curious to try out the face shop's blemish balm now!

  2. I didn't know Palmer's had cleansers! I really want to give their body butter a try!

  3. I love these lists. I want to try the body butter - sounds fantastic!

  4. I always swatch those Australis lipglosses instore, they're so beautiful. I've fallen in love with Contemporary, but the actual product looks darker than the tester shade - which is the colour I want :S

  5. This is a great idea, good job :) There's nothing worse than a terrible deodorant, right?!

  6. Just like to add my support for the Essie nailpolishes as well!! :D. recently found an ebay site that sells them really cheap too (its not me so this isn't selfpromo haha)
    I think their australian though... so probably not that cheap for a lot of your readers :P

  7. I have the John Masters Lip Calm Balm and I love it - moisturising and smells natural. Lovely product!


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