Friday, 3 December 2010

Beauty Confessions

This post is inspired by the Beauty Confessions post that I read on Hannah's blog Counter Obsession. After I read it I started to think about the beauty products that I don't own and things I don't do. So here's my list:

I don’t own Nars Orgasm. I know they say this is a blush that suits everyone, but I don’t like it. Peach colours just don't suit me and I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

YSL Touche Eclat. I’ve tried it so many times and don’t like it at all. There are a lot of similar products that are a lot cheaper (and I don't like any of them either).

I don't curl my lashes, I just can’t be bothered and my lashes curl up anyhow, so what’s the point?

I don’t use lip liner. I have a few but never use them.

I have never used false eye lashes and wouldn't even know how to apply them. I've had a make-up artist use them on me twice, but that's it.

I rarely paint my finger nails. I do every now and again, but I'm too lazy to paint them regularly, even though I love the way painted finger nails look.

And my last confession, I wear the same make-up to work every day, the only thing I change is my foundation.  


  1. Haha... It's almost like reading my own confessions. But... I swore to myself that that will change. :D

    P.S. please take a look at my blog about cosmetics - I've just started with it. Thanks!

  2. I don't use lip liner or false lashes either lol
    and only sometimes curl my lashes. When I can be bothered lol

    Interesting post! :)

    Terri, xoxo

  3. Man, those are exactly the same as mine! Every single one! Well, except for the NARS Orgasm. I have one, but don't like it :P

  4. excellent post. I agree with the NARS orgasm blush. It really never showed up on me, and I felt blah about it.

  5. I don't curl my lashes either. I own Orgasm, but it doesn't look good on me. Unfortunately, I bought into the hype. :[

  6. Hey! I'm a new subscriber! I really like your posts - not to long - not to short. Plus they're full of detail :)

    Check out my blog in return girly! Thanks!

  7. So jealous of your self curling lashes!
    My lashes actually drop during the day even after curling with my Shu uemura grrr

  8. mine are almost all the same as yours, although I have nars orgasm and I love it haha. but i can see that it wouldnt suit everyone! x

  9. Haha, these are great. I must confess, I've never used false lashes, though I do own a few pairs. They're just shoved in a drawer.

  10. Great post. I've never tried Nars Orgasm, maybe that's a confession in itself?!

    I couldn't survive without curling my lashes. I have disgraceful ones. I'd like to be able to use falsies but I'm too unco.

    Oh and I wear exactly the same make up to work every single day.

  11. hehe I am totally with you!
    I don't own Orgasm, don't own Touche Eclat, I don't own high end mascara, I don't do lipliner, I have never worn false lashes, or false nails ;)


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