Friday, 28 May 2010

Post and Shame Challenge Update

After falling off the wagon last month I've done pretty well this month. I finally finished my Clinique Egyptian eye liner. I also finished my lip liner that I was using as an eye liner. That one was easy to finish because it's so soft. I'm nearly there! That's three eyeliners finished and three given away.
  And just because Egyptian looked cute with the lid on, here's another photo.

As for lip balms this month I finished my Cacao Power balm which brings me to a total of nine finished lip balms. I went through my balms this month and gave away two that I'm allergic to. That means that I've now used/thrown out or given away a total of fifteen lip balms. 


  1. wow! great job! i loved my Egyptian eyeliner, finished it too! but that was a long time ago... long before PTP was invented! i'm working on finishing lip products too!

  2. I should probably post my shame purchases too... I only had one or two throughout my P10P so far! You're doing so well! Keep it up!

  3. I love to throw away empty tubes! I love to buy new ones also!

  4. Well done! I don't think i've ever finished an eyeliner :/

  5. With the lid on, Egyptian looks like one of those cute retractable/covered lip brushes :3 I fell off the P10P wagon SO BAD, I bought 15 shadow samples and 5 lipglosses from one company alone this week :|

  6. P Chan, good luck with finishing lip products, it seems to take so long doesn't it?

    Jessica, hehehe, it's so difficult to resist, you've been doing so well though!

    Ninni, I love to buy new ones too, which is why I need to do these challenges.

    Lillian, I hadn't finished an eyeliner until I started this challenge. It takes so long.

    SilhouetteScreams, that's so funny. But if you're going to be bad you may as well be really bad!


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