Friday, 2 April 2010

VS Sassoon Goddess Ionic Conditioning Steam Straightener

I'm pretty lazy with my hair, I usually let it air dry and rarely straighten it. Since I won the Goddess straightener (on Primped), things have changed. I've been using this straightener nearly every day since I received it and I'm in love.

VS Sassoon says: More shine, faster straightening, longer lasting results, pure conditioning ionic steam, up to 230 degrees Celsius for a super straight finish, ceramicTEC heating.

There are a few things that I really love about this straightener. Firstly, it's very gentle. It hasn't dried out my hair at all even when I used it five days in a row.
Secondly, it has prongs on the plate that act like a comb, so my hair doesn't get tangled up when I'm trying to straighten it.
Thirdly, the outside of the case opens out to a heat proof mat to leave the straightener on until it's cooled off. 
Fourthly, you can set the temperature anywhere from 170 to 230 degrees.
Fifthly, the steam can be turned on or off.
Sixthly, the plates are really smooth so my hair runs through really easily and doesn't get caught.
Seventhly, it's a gorgeous colour.
Eighthly, it straightens with one swipe so I don't have to keep on going over the same bit of hair again and again. 

When I use this I've noticed that my hair looks and feels really soft, smooth and silky.
It also has a 3 year warranty which I think is pretty amazing. 

Would I buy this? Yes, it's a great straightener.


  1. Sounds good :D I have a little itty bitty baby straightener that doesnt get enough love, I should start using it again

  2. I have a nice vs sassoon too not that one, its good but im lazy and dont use it enough as I


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