Friday, 23 April 2010

Post and Shame Challenge

Another month, another lip balm finished. Have I mentioned before that this challenge is tortuous? Well it is! I'm slowly working towards finishing my Clinique Egyptian eye liner. It'll probably take me another month to finish it and that will make two finished eye liners. Then I'll be half way there.

Meanwhile I've finished eight lip balms.

This month I finished my Badger Vanilla Madagascar lip balm. I'd forgotten how much I love Badger balms until I dug this one out. I've only got huge Badger balms now so I don't think I'll be finishing another one in a hurry.

Also, I have to report that I was bad this month. I purchased an eyeliner (you all thought I was going to say lip balm didn't you?)
I bought a teal Rimmel eyeliner because I've been wanting to use teal eyeliner lately and I didn't have one. I thought I had every liner colour but I didn't. And it's so pretty!


  1. Tsk tsk *slaps you on the wrist* just kidding ;]

    I think I'm actually going to legitimately ban myself from buying makeup until July, before now I've just been half arsing it and have actually bought a tonne of stuff :| but I need to save up money to buy makeup in Kuala Lumpur, so hopefully I can actually make this work.

  2. I love Badger Balms too! But I've not tried any of their Lip Balms.. which one would you recommend? :)

    Its not available where i live, so my next nearest option is Spore.. sigh..

  3. SilhouetteScreams, I need to go on a total ban too. I've been putting it off though. We're going to Bangkok in October so I want to save up and buy lots over there.

    Foxy Frangipani, my favorites are the Vanilla Madagascar, Tangerine Breeze and Highland Mint. They're fragranced but not flavoured. Vanilla is quite subtle, mint is tingly and tangerine is really yummy.


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