Sunday, 25 April 2010

Great Sales Event

Now I know I normally talk about make-up and skin care, but I really liked the sound of this sale so thought I'd pass the details on.

Melbournians secretly like to pride themselves on being a tad exclusive, with the best sales more often than not being of a completely underground nature. Now however, thanks to Melbourne Street, being ‘in the know’ has been transformed into a total no-brainer.
As of this April 2010, their readers will be invited to completely exclusive sales held by Melbourne’s edgiest labels and brands. All you need to do is subscribe to the mailing list on the homepage of Melbourne Street and you will be sent private invites to up to two week-long sale events per month.
And the catch? Well… there isn’t one. Access to the mailing list is completely and utterly free! The simple once-off sign up process is so quick that you’ll forget you even did it. That is, until you receive your first secret sale hook-up… then you’ll be addicted.
The first week-long sale begins this April 23 with cult jewellery designer Estelle Dévé. We’ve been harping on about this beautiful label for quite some time now (you should know by now that we sometimes know a good thing before others!), but in recent months Estelle’s designs have really begun to explode in the mainstream press.
The latest collection, entitled Lunar Mare, is a heartfelt and beautiful ode to the Star Trek nerd in all of us (and you thought nobody knew about your Captain Spock fantasy!). The result however – one “inspired by sci fi movies with a bit of a Tribal theme”, Estelle tells us – is anything but geeky. Let’s just call it utterly sensational.
Subscribers will be sent the exclusive promo code giving them 20% off all items at Estelle Dévé's online store on April 22 – so sign up fast! Then all is needed is to sit back, relax, and wait for a soft ‘ping’ in your inbox.  Armed with your little promo code head over to the online store, choose your items and use the code in the final screen of the checkout to save.  But be quick, the sale runs a week only and ends Friday 30 April. That's one sweet little email giving you what you want.

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